WoT Patch News: 8.0 on its way (Updated 17.08.2012)

News rund um WoT

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Beitrag von Blade » 11.09.2012, 18:23

Das MM ist immer noch genauso wie es sein soll. Mit welchem sechser warst du denn im neuner? warst du alleine oder mit platoon?
Vorkommen kann das schon mal, sehe das ab und an mal wenn ich mit dem typ unterwegs bin ist aber eher die Ausnahmen.
Also so crappig wie es früher mal war ist es nicht mehr. Das einzige was das MM jetz noch beachten müsste sind Stock Tanks und voll ausgebaute,


hier nmoch mal zu info.

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Beitrag von Iron5 » 11.09.2012, 20:19

Naja das der MM in Bezug auf Tier 8 Artis so ist wie er sein soll wage ich zu bezweifeln.
Da kommt es häufiger mal vor das 6 oder mehr Artis auf beiden Seiten zu finden sind
und wenn das normal sein soll, würde ich den Entwicklern raten die Finger vom Krokodil
zu lassen.
"Zyniker" ist ein Wort das Optimisten erfunden haben um Realisten zu kritisieren.

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Beitrag von Blade » 11.09.2012, 20:45

6-7 artis pro seite ist laut MM normal, wird auch nicht beschränkt werden, deshalb Credit Income für artis -10%. :vomit:
Ist zwar schwachsinn ,ich mach auch so schon genug Minus mit dem Gwe.
Aber das hat ja nichts mit der Funktionweise des aktuellen MM zu tun. Der tut nur was er tuen soll.

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Beitrag von Blade » 13.09.2012, 11:13

Hab das schon mal von der Ami Page geklaut:

Test changes from version 7.5 to version 8.0.1 and 8.0.2:

[UPDATE] A list of changes from version 8.0.1 to version 8.0.2 on the test server are now available on the table of contents below. We'll keep you posted about the start time of the next test server.
Table of Contents:


-Game Mechanics
-Vehicle Rebalancing
-Changes from 8.0.1 to 8.0.2 test

New USSR Tank Destroyers:
-SU-101 (Uralmash-1)
-Object 263

New Premium Tanks:
-Matilda Black Prince
-Pz IV Schmalturm*
-* only available to Super Testers during the test server

New Achievements:
-de Langlad Medal: Given to a player who destroys 4+ enemy vehicles that were in the process of capturing the player's base
-Bombardier: Given to a player who destroys more than one vehicle with one shot.
-Eyes Forward: Given to the player who provides vision on 5+ targets that are subsequently damaged by allied tanks.
If two players have the same number of damaged vehicles in this manner, the player with the greater amount of XP receives the award.
-Tamada Yoshio Medal: Given to a player who destroys 3+ SPGs that are at least two tiers higher while driving a light tank, and survives the battle.
-The following medals have been broken down into three classes:
Boelter's ; Oskin's ;Burda's ; Billote's

Inscriptions and personal emblems:
-players will be able to add inscriptions and emblems to their tank from a preset album of images

-Added 'Enhanced Springs', equipment for French and American Vehicles

Game Mechanics:

-Physics (only enabled on certain maps)
-The physics model for tank movement has been drastically changed. Tanks will now be able to ride over ledges, drive through rivers, push enemy and allied vehicles, etc...

-Up to three camouflage patterns (summer, winter, sand) can be purchased and stored for each vehicle.
The pattern will be selected automatically depending on the classification of the map. If there is no appropriate pattern, then no camouflage will be applied
Camouflage patterns now give 5% camouflage bonus to the vehicle characteristics
All camouflage present on tanks at the time of the update will be removed, and a refund for the cost will be returned

Game Modes:
-Added the ability to exclude Assault and Encounter from the random rotation in the settings

Quick Commands:
-Added target dependent commands for hot-key communications

-Added the ability to switch team spots during training battles
-Added more options to the player complaint system and increased the daily limit from 3 to 5

User Interface:

Tech Tree:
-Tree is now displayed horizontally and includes premium vehicles

Battle Statistics:
-The after battle report window will no longer open on the map, but open instead in the garage
-The list of statistics will be much more numerous

Quick Commands:
-Radial menu of quick commands has been added
-Map indicators for commands have been reworked

-Added ability to swap to target player's view after death by pressing CTRL and LMB on the allied player's nameAdded different settings for vehicle markers
-Added alternative color scheme for vehicle markers
-Reworked basic interface elements: buttons, windows, backgrounds, checkboxes, etc..
-Added new hints to the map loading screen
-Reworked pop-ups during mouse over in the hangar
-Adjusted scaling of minimap symbols during minimap resize


Improved firing sounds:
-Divided into 11 groups depending on caliber and availability of muzzle brake

Improved suspension sounds:
-Divided into 4 groups depending on vehicle type, surface, and movement speed

New sounds:
-Added sounds for driving on sand, wooden bridges, gravel, etc...
-Added sound of tank turning, sliding, strong and weak impacts, vehicle vibration while on rough ground, sound of falling in water or from extreme height
-Improved the sounds of penetration, ricochet, and track critical damage

Balanced levels for all sounds:

-Keep in mind that this is only a partial implementation of all the proposed improvements for the graphics and rendering formulas, more will be added prior to the release of the 8.0 update

First iteration of new rendering system:

-Marked as 'improved graphics' in the settings, can be toggled with 'standard graphics'

The following maps have been reworked for the new rendering and lighting system:
-Sand River
-Mountain Pass
-Arctic Region

Reworked lighting for all other maps:
-Added wave and water movement with tanks now having the ability to enter bodies of water

Vehicle Rebalancing:

-Improved accuracy and penetration of 7.5 cm L43, L48 and L70 guns on all vehicles
-PzIV second turret and 7.5cm L/70 gun removed
-100mm D10T2S gun added to the T-54 tank
-Normalizaion of all AP and APCR round decreased to 4-5 degrees
-XP Price for researching T-54 tank reduced from 160100XP to 142000XP
-Armor level of top T-43 turret slightly increased
-Based on a statistical analysis of many factors, many vehicales have received a preliminary rebalance. A full list of changes will be made available with the release of the final 8.0 update notes
(Das ist nur ein kleiner Auszug einige Sachen habe ich ja schon aufgeführt, aber da wird definitiv noch einiges mehr auf uns zu kommen.)


-Fixed rare occurence of 2 vehicles instantaneously turning while rotating into one another
-Fixed most instances of vehicles becoming stuck on the landscape in maps where the new physics are in effect
-Fixed the turning of the camera while under bridges or beside large objects after switching between sniper and standard views.
-Fixed the random elevation of the gun while switching between sniper and standard views when under bridges or near large objects
-Fixed errors in sounds for object destruction

Changes from 8.0.1 to 8.0.2 test

- Reduced brightness on ‘Mountain Pass’, ‘Fjords’ and ‘Malinovka’ maps
- Changed the place of light source (sun) on maps: ‘Ensk’, ‘Ziegfried Line’, ‘South Coast’
- Reduced shining brightness on some of surfaces in premium and standard garages
- Increased texture quality inside the railroad station on ‘Himmelsdorf’ map
- Returned destruction effects of most objects for settings different from the highest
- Updated minimaps for reworked maps

Tech. Improvements:
- Dramatically increased performance on all maps with new render
- Reworked the ‘auto-detect’ function for graphic settings
- Reworked ‘specular’ component of tank and environment lighting


- Reworked ramming damage system
- Improved dynamics of driving ‘uphill’ and maneuvering while driving ‘uphill’ for all vehicles
- Changed mechanism of damage calculation from falling
- Fixed the damage mechanics of falling while driving a vehicle on another vehicle
- Removed possibility to set vehicle on fire by falling on it

- Price for all stock modules of Tier 1 tanks set on 0 credits
- Fixed the armoring of IS-4 gun mantlet
- Fixed the armoring of Pz III front plate
- Increased armoring of E-100 and Maus gun mantlets
- Rebalanced all vehicles, introduced in 8.0: PzIV Schmalturm, Object 263, SU-101, SU-100М1, SU-122-54.
- Reworked battle weight and Tier spread for T-127 and Matilda Black Prince

- Added small improvements for after battle statistics window
- In after battle statistics damage dealt to allies now takes in count current Anti-TK rules for platoons and training room
- Vehicles that are currently not available for sales were removed from all Tech Trees
- Removed after battle auto-selection of the vehicle with XP modifier for the first victory enabled
- Added possibility to compare modules from different vehicles in the Tech Tree
- Improved the visibility of SPG dispersion circle on some landscapes
- In Tech Tree a pop-up hint, which displays XP cost and price for the vehicle disregarding its’ current status, was added


- Removed the misleading ricochet sound, when ramming a vehicle
- Fixed sound effects for 17cm GwTiger and JagdPz E-100 guns.
- Fixed sound effects for 15 cm sFH 36 L/30 of Gw Panther.
- Fixed sound effects for SPG leFH18B2. gun
- Fixed sound effects for Т34 gun
- Fixed some discrepancy of guns calibers and their sounds
- Removed the explosion effect sound, when explosions happens inside objects


- Fixed the unavailability of red line on ‘Fjords’ map
- Fixed numerous errors in lighting settings on in-game maps
- Fixed numerous errors in content on new in-game maps
- Fixed the ‘Dealt Damage’ tab in after battle statistics, which previously displayed incorrectly ramming and splash types of damage
- Fixed incorrect display of personal emblems contour
- Fixed the incorrect commands binding for F5 and F6
- Fixed numerous graphic errors in display of personal tank emblems and inscriptions
- Fixed the impossibility to switch teams places in training room
- Fixed the display of personal inscriptions texture borders
- Fixed the lack of destruction effects for some environmental objects
- Fixed the work of ‘Leave the queue’ button after opening statistics window
- Fixed the error with opening a training room creation while resizing the game client window
- Fixed the bright-red ‘lighting’ of trees in semi-transparent state
- Fixed client hanging on ‘Loading Hangar’ after the battle
- Fixed the not working cap on ‘Widepark’ and ‘Cliff’ maps
- Fixed the rounds impact points flashing
- Fixed the bright-red lighting of tracks traces
- Fixed the display of explosion remaining on objects with sophisticated geometry
- Fixed the display of clan emblems instead of penetration marks on vehicles of clan players
- Fixed ‘lags’ and ‘freezes’ of the client with big loss of performance in different places on all maps
- Fixed client hanging when trying to install personal emblems or inscriptions
- Fixed the ability to stay underwater without drowning for T-28 tank
- Fixed lighting setting in standard and premium hangars
- Fixed the disappearance or non-display of drowning indicator in several cases
- Fixed the rare crash to desktop during game client loading
- Fixed rare bugs of ‘Fog of War’ Clan Wars feature
- Fixed the rare desync. of aiming vector and the reticle display
- Fixed previously not working RMB fixation for SPG’s
- Fixed the move of reticle while zooming
- Fixed the ‘Achievements’ point in the battle results system messages for battles with no achievements received
- Fixed rare cases of personal emblems and inscriptions not installing on the vehicle after purchase
- Fixed availability of two similar additional equipment for French TD’s
- Fixed shadows ‘shaking’ while moving the vehicle
- Fixed the binding of radial menu on Mouse Scroll

To Be Continued,...........


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Beitrag von Blade » 24.09.2012, 21:38


Russen patch 8.0 Morgen.
wer des russischen mächtig ist:


patchnotes poste ich jetz mal hier nicht, dafür einen Link dazu, sont platzt der Thread hier glaub ich, die haben mal wieder jeden Stein umgedreht.

http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php? ... tch-notes/


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Beitrag von Blade » 26.09.2012, 18:55


8.0 Release Morgen. Inklusive Liste der Änderungen, Neuerungen. Viel Spass beim patchen.


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Beitrag von [FtN|FH] Galli » 26.09.2012, 19:54

Oh sollte jetzt gleich noch eben Premium aktivieren denn dann krieg ich nen Tag extra geschenkt wegen den morgigen Wartungsarbeiten, dann verliere ich über die Nacht und bis ich nach Hause komme nur nen halben Tag und erhalte einen ganzen dazu.
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same procedure in 8.0

Beitrag von Nine » 01.10.2012, 08:36

vorab, dies ist meine persönliche Meinung, will keine Diskussion anstossen.

habe mit meinem E75 jetzt ein paar Runden gespielt.

Neue Grafik alte Probleme, fps drops beim reinzoomen auf sniper auf 14-19 fps.

Panzer stehen sich direkt gegenüber, quasi ineinander, man schiesst vorbei, unfassbar eigentlich, hat mich schon immer genervt.

F1 Fahrzeuge die bei einem oder auch bei 2 Treffern nicht aus den latschen kippen können einen nach Lust und Laune umkreisen und machen
einen einfach fertig, auch das hat mich immer genervt.

MM, Stufe 4 mit Stufe 9, 5 Arties in einem Spiel, 5 Arties in Himmelsdorf. Hm, einfache if than else Schleifen sollten zu programmieren sein.
Es scheint also gewollt zu sein, mich nervt es.

Einzig die neue Physik engine, das lächerliche Hindernisse nun endlich keine Hindernisse sind finde ich gut.

Zusammenfassend bedeutet dies für mich, ich werde mich auf die Gefechte mit meinen Töchtern beschränken.

Leider können 3er Platoons nur mit Premium eröffnet werden. Warum es keine 4er 5er oder was auch immer gibt, habe ich nie verstanden.

Mit meinen Töchtern spiele ich mit lvl 2 Panzern, das macht Laune und dort funktioniert der MM halbwegs. Nur selten das man mit 4ern

Will mich noch nicht aus dem clan verabschieden, da ich eigentlich noch mit Stufe 8 Panzern Kompanien fahren wollte.

so long,
Nine (Jörn)
Nine (not 9)
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