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[BF-V] Patches & Changelogs

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Battlefield V 11-14-2018

Change List
  • Fixed an issue that could result in a very uneven number of players at the start of a round.
  • Made improvements to matchmaking with a full squad which should result in less disconnects.
  • In some cases, the revive functionality would suddenly stop to function for all of the players on a server. This has now been fixed.
  • Further improvements to game client stability have been made.
  • In the Airborne game mode, spawn protection has been added when attackers spawn into planes. The planes are no longer as vulnerable to AA fire as they used to be at longer distances.
  • Fixed an issue in Airborne where the bomb carriers could finish arming the objective even though they were dead.
  • Players can no longer shoot down airplanes too quickly in Airborne, which could result in the attackers not being able to spawn.
  • In War Stories, players are no longer able to collect Letters while playing offline due to them not being able to update the persistence counters, which requires an online connection.
  • Fixed an issue where a weapon would disappear on the weapon selection screen.
  • Fixed an issue in Frontlines mode on Devastation where the bomb in some rare cases spawned inside a wall.
  • Fixed an issue which made the menus unusable when cancelling a matchmaking session.
  • Fixed an issue with the lens sight alignment on the MP34 weapon.
Xbox One Only
  • Improved how the game resumes when using the Xbox One Instant-On function.
PC Only
  • RTX ray tracing can now be enabled with graphics cards that support this function.
https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/di ... date-notes
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Battlefield V 11-26-2018 Server Update

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Battlefield V 11-26-2018 Server Update
  • Fixed an issue where weapons would stay locked even though the rank requirement had been achieved.
  • Fixed an issue which could result in players getting disconnected when attempting to join a server.
  • Daily assignments that have been completed previously can now be completed again if the player would get it again on a separate day.
  • Improvements to the team balance at the start of rounds. Teams should no longer have a larger uneven number of players.
  • Several stability improvements for the server.
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Battlefield V Update Sneak Peek

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Battlefield V 12-04-2018 Update Sneak Peek

Now, on to a laundry list of specific game elements that has been in discussion within our community as we lead into next week’s update release.

Please note that this is not fully inclusive of all updates being implemented. This is just a taste of what to expect. We will be releasing the full update notes prior to the update being released which will dive into all of the changes/improvements introduced.

Revive Mechanics

With the update, we are providing improvements that will make the Revive experience better on both ends (for the “reviver” and receiving “revive”). We identified a few delays that prevented players to get full control after the animation was completed - this is now resolved and will virtually make the reviving experience “faster”. We want to see if what we are addressing improves the quality of the experience enough. Increasing the revive speed is something we still keep in mind but aren’t implementing just yet.

Medic Class Balance

We will be introducing some weapon balance changes that will help most of the Medic weapons to perform better at-range, more specifically for the slower rate of fire SMGs that struggled to find a good place where they could compete against other weapons like Assault Rifles or Light Machine Guns. All the specific changes can be found in the weapon notes below but here is an outline of the changes we targeted:
  • Increased muzzle velocity and reduced bullet drag to allow more consistent range combat.
  • Increased the 5-hit kill range of SMGs to 30m instead of 25m.
  • Improved sustained fire accuracy of SMGs while aimed and stationary.
Weapon Balancing/Changes

  • Decreased M1928A1 maximum damage to 25.1 (previously 30)
  • Increased the 3 hit kill range of the Gewehr 1-5 to 30 meters (previously 25 meters)
  • Increased maximum damage for the Sturmgewehr 1-5 and StG 44 to 25.1 (previously 24)
  • Reduced the range at which the Turner SMLE can kill with one headshot and one body shot to 30 meters (previously 35 meters)
  • Increased the 4 hit kill range of all assault rifles, LMGs, MMGs and SMGs to 10 meters (previously 9 meters) to make close quarter damage more reliable
  • Increased all SMG 5 hit kill range to 30 meters (previously 25 meters)
  • Slightly extended pistol damage drop-off distances
  • Bolt actions no longer deal slightly reduced damage when hitting the lower body or upper arms, this means the minimum damage will never go below 55 damage.
  • Increased horizontal recoil of the KE7 to 0.45 (previously 0.36)
  • Increased horizontal recoil of the M1907 SF to 0.41 (previously 0.39)
  • Decreased horizontal recoil of the STEN to 0.38 (previously 0.4) and increased the efficacy of the Ported Barrel specialization
  • Increased the effect of the Slings and Swivels specialization. Switching to your primary weapon is now an additional 50 ms faster for all weapons and firing after sprinting is allowed an additional 16 ms earlier for bolt actions, assault rifles, semi auto rifles and SLRs
  • Changed the specialization for the KE7. Recoil Buffer has been removed. Quick Aim has been added. Specialization tree has been reordered
  • Increased the reload speed of the KE7. Base reload time is now 3.55 s (previously 3.75 s)
  • Increased the reload speed of the MG34 with the double drum magazine. Tactical reload is now 3.7 s (previously 4 s) and empty reload is 5.083 s (previously 5.5 s)
  • Increased the reload speed of the M1907 SF. Tactical reload is now 2.7 s (previously 2.9 s) and empty reload is 3.3 s (previously 3.5 s)
  • Improved sustained fire accuracy of SMGs while aimed and stationary
  • Decreased sustained fire accuracy of assault rifles while aimed and moving
  • Increased muzzle velocity of all SMGs as follows:
  • MP34: 495 m/s (previously 450 m/s)
  • MP34 (High Velocity Bullets): 560 m/s (previously 520 m/s)
  • STEN: 495 m/s (previously 430 m/s)
  • MP40: 455 m/s (previously 400 m/s)
  • EMP: 420 m/s (previously 380 m/s)
  • MP28: 345 m/s (previously 320 m/s)
  • Suomi KP/-31: 330 m/s (previously 300 m/s)
  • M1928A1: 330 m/s (previously 280 m/s)
  • Decreased drag of SMG bullets from to 0.005 (previously 0.007) for regular bullets and 0.0035 (previously 0.005) for High Velocity Bullets
Dragging Downed Teammates
  • You will not see the ability to drag downed teammates with this update. We are still investigating feasibility around this mechanic.
Max Rank Company Coin Accrual
  • We have a backend fix we have proposed (server side, so no client update needed). We are still testing to ensure stability and will update everyone once it’s live.
  • We are also working on a way to retroactively award Company Coin for hours played at Max Rank and hope to have an update for you soon that we can share.
User Interface
  • Syncing Loadouts Across Factions - Although we won’t have improvements implemented for the upcoming update, we are actively working on a solution.
  • ‘Apply All’ to Weapon Skins - This is coming in next week’s update!
  • Airlifts
    What are Airlifts? - Battlefield V Deluxe Edition players and Origin Access Premier subscribers are granted 20 Airlifts, one new Airlift each week (each Airlift containing a single customization item) starting on the day that they receive the Deluxe Edition entitlement (whether through a pre-order, upgrade, or full code redemption method). Upon logging into Battlefield V for the first time, you will notice you have received Shipments in your Armory. Depending on when you received the Deluxe Edition entitlement you may have more than one Shipment waiting for you. In other words, if you received Deluxe Edition entitlement 5 weeks prior to actually playing Battlefield V for the first time you’ll have 5 Shipments waiting for you. At that point, you will have 15 more Shipments to be delivered, once a week for 15 weeks.
    When do I start getting my Airlifts? - Your 20 Airlifts start deploying, one per week, when your Deluxe Edition entitlement is added to your account. This would be either by completing the purchase of Battlefield V Deluxe Edition, upgrading to Deluxe Edition, or redeeming a Deluxe Edition code.
    What is in the Airlifts? - We’ll have a detailed rundown on what everyone gets in their Airlifts coming out soon. The 20 Airlifts consist of 2 emblems, 13 weapon part skins, 2 sidearm skins, and 1 uniform set.
    Please note we are also working on a blog that will dive into Airlifts in much greater detail to clear up recent confusion..
Endless EOR (End of Round)
Resolved! This was fixed with the recent Battlefield V 11-26-2018 Server Update. If you’re still experiencing issues, please let us know so we can refine

Spectator Mode Improvements

Two new features added to Spectator Mode including:
  • “Look at Player” Free Camera Option - When enabled, the camera automatically rotates to always be looking at that soldier/vehicle that's selected in the center player card. You can still move the camera while this is enabled. It should be useful for players that make cinematics since they can make some unique shots with it. Its’s also useful for broadcasting tournaments since broadcasters won't need to rotate the camera manually to follow a certain player.
  • “Smooth Rotation” - It's a PC-only addition to get smoother rotation when rotating the camera with the mouse.
  • “Camera Sway” – An option to make the free camera or director camera move more like a handheld camera, leading to a cinematic polish if you’re looking for that kind of vibe.

At the end of the day, our goal is to improve the gameplay experience of Battlefield V with you while providing visibility with our intentions. We hope this article does exactly that. We’re looking forward to seeing you on the Battlefield when the new update rolls out next week!
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12-05-2018 Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture Update

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12-05-2018 Tides of War Chapter 1: Overture Update

New War Story: The Last Tiger
A fresh single-player War Story is added to Battlefield V with the update. This is The Last

New Multiplayer Map: Panzerstorm
Take part in the first major tank battle of the war, larger than any that came before. In the first
few days of the Battle of Belgium, Axis armor steamed ahead of infantry forces into Hannut,
clashing with Allied tanks in the rolling hills and farmland of the Belgian countryside.

Practice Range
In our newly added Practice Range, you’ll be able to get familiar with various weapons and
vehicles that Battlefield V has to offer.
You can join the Practice Range either alone to test your skills or with your squad to practice
and have fun together. The activities differ a bit depending on if you’re playing alone or with
friends, so make sure to try out both!
In the Practice Range you’ll be able to:
  • Explore the base class weapons offered and find your favorite, learn their spray
    patterns and practice aiming, flicking, and turning accuracy.
  • Practice flying a fighter or a bomber and take out enemy planes or bomb targets.
Top Issue Fixes and Changes
  • Fixed a bug where weapons would stay locked even if the player had reached the
    required level to obtain them.
  • Improvements for the issue involving infinite loading screens. Should be drastically
    reduced with this update.
  • Fixed an issue where vehicle passenger gunner turret animations would not align with
    where the player was aiming.
  • Players no longer get into a soft hang when viewing assignments in-game.
  • Made tweaks to the Conquest Soft Catch-up mechanics. The catch-up will now only
    be activated when the losing team is very far behind instead of rounds that are fairly
    close. We think that this will make matches more fair in general, while at the same
    time making the matches a bit more exciting if the skill gap between the teams is too
  • We are adjusting the amount of ammunition given to airplane forward firing machine
    guns and cannons. With fast resupply we feel like we can reduce the ammo in each
    weapon so attrition becomes a factor over a long period of flying. This also allows us
    to use ammo load as a balancing mechanic for some weapons like the 8x LMGs on
    the Spitfire or the explosive cannon rounds on the BF109.
  • Airplane Zooming in 1P will now give 2.5x zoom, allowing for superior scouting of the
    battlefield and aiming at long range or small targets. This should help planes like
    fighters from be more connected to the ground combat.
  • A reduction to the damage airplane parts take from LMGs and a buff to the health of
    the engine of airplanes means that dogfights should no longer be determined by an
    almost guaranteed part disable. Players will have to focus fire on parts to get disables,
    or they will need to equip higher caliber, but lower rate of fire weapons to do effective
    part damage. This should deepen the experience in dogfighting and plane
  • The Stuka 37mm cannons have been adjusted to be more effective in direct fire
    against vehicles and less effective in splash against infantry. This brings them more in
    line with their original intent. Additionally a delay on dropping bombs that was unique
    to the Stuka has been cut from 0.3 sec to 0.1 sec (there’s an arm on this bomber that
    swings down to drop the bomb, we sped that up).This should make bombing from the
    Stuka more accurate.
  • The 8x MG specialization on the Spitfire has a new overheat behavior. These
    weapons offer great burst damage, but begin to overheat quickly, with their rate of fire
    dropping substantially in sustained fire.
  • The BF109's Minengeschoss has seen a rebalance towards its intended role. The
    weapon now performs similarly to a single default cannon against fighters, but has
    seen a damage reduction against bombers. It retains an effective splash damage
    against infantry, though at a lower damage rate than previously. Combined with the
    increased 1P zoom, BF109s with this round should be able to make targeted strafing
    passes on single targets, but no longer be able to sweep an area of multiple targets.
  • AA tanks were too vulnerable when engaging infantry, making them an unattractive
    vehicle when aircraft were not active. Reduced the damage AA tanks take to their
    turret to be better in line with side hits in order to make them more survivable. Their
    damage against infantry has also been slightly increased.
  • Tweaked the JU-88 bomber to only carry one 1,000kg bomb and reduced the rate of
    fire when dropping the 16x50kg bombs. This ensures that the bombs have a larger
    spread when hitting the ground.
  • Changed the Stuka damage model to be closer to bombers, to improve its intended
    ground attack role.
  • Players occupying top gunner positions in land vehicles are now able to duck down
    and become somewhat protected from incoming shots. While ducking, top gunners
    are still able “blind-fire” the machine gun.
  • The automatic spawn when round starts will be disabled in all game modes (except
    Final Stand). This change has been made to not force spawn players that temporary
    went "afk" during round transition and are not back in their seats at start.
  • The icon above the bomb carriers in Airborne and Frontlines will no longer be visible.
    We've decided this based on community feedback. Note that the icon will still be
    visible for a brief moment on pickup as it is mentioned by audio.
  • Panzerfausts are now designed to be simple ranged damage against tanks, and have
    been adjusted to have less spikey damage. The previous damage model relied heavily
    on the angle of attack, which played against infantry since infantry rarely can pick their
    angle of attack against tanks. Poor hits could gravely punish the shooter with as low
    as just 5 damage for a hit. The new model has reduced the maximum damage output
    of the projectile, especially against the rear of tanks, however it now guarantees far
    better damage for poor hits, around 2-3x more damage. For example, the previous
    poor hit that would give just 5 damage will now give 15 damage. In addition,
    Panzerfausts are now extremely potent against the parts of the tank, meaning that
    they will more easily disable turrets, tracks, and engines and give the attacking infantry
    a boost in fighting the vehicle. Note that a part disable is not guaranteed with a hit.
    Overall, the maximum damage of the Panzerfaust is going to drop. In all normal cases
    the Panzerfaust will take more hits to kill all tanks, making tanks more survivable.
    We've dropped the damage from nearly 50 to the side of a medium tank to around 25.
    From the rear you used to be able to 2 shot the tank, now it's at least 3 hits.
  • Angled damage is now better exposed to players, with a critical hit (headshot)
    hitmarkers playing whenever a player makes a hit at an optimal angle or against a
    weak part like a turret.
  • Increased the direct hit damage of Stationary and Half Track mounted AT guns.
    Being exposed in these guns is a heavy disadvantage, and a higher amount of
    damage against tanks is required to balance the risk and reward.
  • LMGs and Soldier Guns have been doing more damage to airplanes than intended.
    We have reduced the damage of soldier weapons against airplanes, so that they’re a
    threat to - but not a killer of - airplanes.
  • The first version of Vehicle Customization is rolling out for all players, with skins for
    tanks as well as skins and nose art for airplanes. More to come in the future!
  • Reworked the Panzerfaust to be less effective on rear shots on vehicles. Armor angle
    on vehicles now matter less, and the Panzerfaust now deals a more consistent
    amount of damage to vehicles. Panzerfausts also deal more systemic part damage,
    allowing them to be used more tactically, taking out engines, tracks and turrets, etc.
Soldier Fixes and Tweaks
  • Fixed an issue where the third-person soldier animations would not properly function
    when going into the wounded state and result into soldiers weirdly snapping.
  • Ragdolls no longer have strange movement after being dead for a certain amount of
  • Fixed an issue where the soldiers would be getting an input delay (stuck in place)
    after the revive was completed. This change should improve the responsiveness of
    revives for both the reviver and the revivee.
  • Aiming down sight (ADS) and moving on uneven terrain at the same time no longer
    kicks the player out of ADS (more specifically when using the "Custom Stock"
  • Added procedural face animations for voice overs.
  • Improved the soldiers’ left hand animations when reloading side arms while coming
    out of a crouched position.
  • The Tanker class is no longer able to build Fortifications faster than the Support
  • Fixed an issue where the soldiers would move up and down slowly while down on
    uneven terrain.
  • Fixed an issue where players would get pushed by teammates when going prone.
  • Fixed an issue where soldiers could fall through the ground if they got revived.
  • Fixed a legacy and common issue where soldier jumps could get interrupted when
    trying to jump over obstacles (sometimes very small).
  • Made various vault detection improvements on more complex assets such as rocks.
  • Fixed an issue where reloading would be interrupted when vaulting through a window
    while the reload animation still played.
  • Reduced stand-to-prone firing and aiming restriction by 100ms to match the soldier
    animations when transitioning from stand to prone.
  • Fixed an issue where aiming would be slowed down and limited after getting revived.
  • Fixed an issue where sliding could be triggered with a single press instead of a
  • Tweaked the sliding animation in first person to match the duration of the sliding in
    third person more accurately.
  • When using the Danger Ping feature in a vehicle, all other occupants of the vehicle
    will now see the ping as if they were in your squad.
  • Fixed the rain weathering effects on the Spitfire.
  • Changed airplane damage effects to better visually represent both the health of the
    airplane and engine systemic damage.
  • Added tire trails from the wheels of the Staghound T17E1.
  • Removed an exploit where tanks could fire shells faster than intended.
  • Players are now able to repair disabled parts of a tank from the outside, even if the
    tank is at full health.
  • Fixed an issue when a player would “Jeep Stuff” the Universal Carrier from behind
    and it would not take any damage.
  • Corrected the firing sounds on the Stuka B-2.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to exit the stationary PAK40 and 6
    Pounder by moving backwards.
  • Fixed an issue where anti-tank half-track vehicles had over-sensitive aiming.
  • Fixed the launch velocity of tank flare launchers to make the flares shoot further and
    higher, increasing the area in which they spot and making them more useful.
  • Decreased the heat threshold for the top grenade launcher on the Sturmtiger. After
    overheating, the grenade launcher now needs to cool down completely before it can
    be fired again.
  • Increased the launch velocity of the top grenade launcher on the Sturmtiger, for
    increased range.
  • Added reload time to bombs and rockets, after planes re-supply, so that they’re not
    instantly available after a resupply.
  • Refactored flak to deal more consistent damage vs. large planes, and slightly less vs.
    smaller planes.
  • Moved aircraft resupply points further away from the infantry combat areas on most
    maps, to make Attrition a bigger factor for bomber planes.
  • Reduced the explosion radius of the GR21 rockets on the BF-109, to reduce its
    effectiveness against ground targets.
  • Reduced the damage of GR21 and RP-3 rockets on the BF-109 and Spitfire vs.
    medium and heavy tanks.
  • Changed the Stuka damage model to be closer to bombers, to improve its
    survivability vs. most forms of damage, and strengthen its intended ground attack
  • Reduced the number of light bombs carried by the Ju-88 A to 16 and also reduced
    the rate at which they drop from the plane.
  • Reduced the number of 1,000kg bombs carried by the Ju088A from 2 to 1.
  • Fixed an issue preventing wheel systemic damage to the Staghound T17E1 from
  • Changed crosshair in third person when using bombs on Spitfire and Bf-109 planes.
  • Fixed the Flakpanzer IV Zimmerit Specialization which wasn’t functioning
  • Fixed the Panzer IV Zimmerit Specialization which wasn’t properly visible on the
    exterior of the tank.
  • Fixed some issues with the third person FOV setting on vehicles.
  • Fixed issues with the tank Field Repair Specialization not repairing turret damage
  • Changed the MCLC Specialization on British tanks from a weapon slot to fire when
    pressing the equipment 3 button instead.
  • Fixed that the Staghound T17E1 didn’t consistently explode immediately when
  • Fixed some vehicle overlay diagrams that showed incorrect layouts.
  • Fixed that the Valentine Mk1 AA Specializations Field Repair and Emergency Repair
    had swapped functionality.
  • Fixed strange behaviors when vehicles had towable weapons hitched.
    Fixed some airplane Specialization trees that had incorrectly accessible paths.
  • Lowered the health of stationary weapons.
  • When using the Spotting Scope specialization in light tanks, a sound is now played
    when an enemy is spotted.
  • Greatly reduced damage of aircraft light bombs vs. tanks.
  • Increased the direct hit damage of Stationary and Half Track mounted AT guns.
    Being exposed in these guns is a heavy disadvantage, and a higher amount of
    damage against tanks is required to balance the risk and reward.
  • Changed the vehicle “Critical Hit” indicator (the orange hit indicator shown when you
    cause damage to a vehicle) to more consistently display when causing damage at
    good angles to tank armor.
  • Fixed an issue with airplanes sometimes not exploding properly when crashing.
  • The wingtips on the Spitfire MkVb now properly become “clipped” when using the
    Improved Control Surfaces Specialization.
  • Fixed an issue occasionally causing damage to tanks to incorrectly cause engine
    damage that couldn’t be repaired.
  • Added a reload animation when using stationary and towable AT weapons.
  • Fixed an issue preventing squad spawning on the Blenheim airplanes.
  • Fixed an issue causing the Churchill Gun Carrier zoom view to be incorrectly offset
    from the weapon position.
  • Fixed an issue causing some towable weapons to unspawn while being used or
  • Fixed an issue when spawning into vehicle gunner positions that caused the weapon
    to appear disconnected from the player.
  • Fixed an issue causing an empty third weapon slot to be available on some tanks.
Weapons and Gadgets
  • Added a confirmation sound when successfully spotting with the Binoculars.
  • Smoke Grenade Launcher now properly blocks spotting (including from suppression).
  • The M30 Drilling reload animation should now always play when reloading.
  • Added the Predator and Urban Blue customizations for the M1897.
  • Players can now disable enemy placed AT Mines and Dynamite by interacting with
    them when playing as a class that supports it.
  • When using the Chromed Finish skin on Turner SMLE the textures on it would flicker.
    No more of that!
  • Improved the scopes by reducing the clipping in sights.
  • Fixed an issue where you could reload the Gewehr M95 without having to play the
    reload animation.
  • Players are no longer able to instantly fire rocket launchers when switching weapons.
  • FG-42 iron sights are no longer misaligned when in ADS.
  • MP34 Lattey sights are no longer misaligned when in ADS.
  • Throwing knife maximum damage range reduced to 6.5m (from 13m).
  • Throwing knife headshot multiple was incorrect and has now been increased to 2x
    (was 1x). This means a headshot should always guarantee a kill at any distance.
  • Throwing knife maximum capacity reduced to two from six.
  • Decreased M1928A1 maximum damage to 25.1 (Was 30).
  • Increased the 3 hit kill range of the Gewehr 1-5 to 30 meters (25 meters).
  • Increased maximum damage for the Sturmgewehr 1-5 and StG 44 to 25.1 (Was 24).
  • Reduced the range at which the Turner SMLE can kill with one headshot and one
    body shot to 30 meters (Was 35 meters).
  • Increased the 4 hit kill range of all assault rifles, LMGs, MMGs and SMGs to 10
    meters (Was 9 meters) to make close quarter damage more reliable.
  • Increased all SMG 5 hit kill range to 30 meters (Was 25 meters).
  • Slightly extended pistol damage dropoff distances.
  • Bolt actions no longer deal slightly reduced damage when hitting the lower body or
    upper arms.
  • Increased horizontal recoil of the KE7 to 0.45 (Was 0.36).
  • Increased horizontal recoil of the M1907 SF to 0.41 (Was 0.39).
  • Decreased horizontal recoil of the STEN to 0.38 (Was 0.4) and increased the efficacy
    of the Ported Barrel specialization.
  • Increased the effect of the Slings and Swivels Specialization. Switching to your
    primary weapon is now an additional 50 ms faster for all weapons and firing after
    sprinting is allowed an additional 16 ms earlier for bolt-action rifles, assault rifles,
    semi-automatic rifles, and SLRs.
  • Changed the specialization for the KE7. Recoil Buffer has been removed. Quick Aim
    has been added. Specialization tree has been reordered.
  • Increased the reload speed of the KE7. Base reload time is now 3.55 s (Was 3.75 s).
  • Increased the reload speed of the MG34 with the double drum magazine. Tactical
    reload is now 3.7 s (Was 4 s) and empty reload is 5.083 s (Was 5.5 s).
  • Increased the reload speed of the M1907 SF. Tactical reload is now 2.7 s (Was 2.9 s)
    and empty reload is 3.3 s (Was 3.5 s).
  • Improved sustained fire accuracy of SMGs while aimed and stationary.
  • Decreased sustained fire accuracy of assault rifles while aimed and moving.
  • Increased muzzle velocity of all SMGs as follows:
    o MP34: 495 m/s (Was 450 m/s)
    o MP34 (High Velocity Bullets): 560 m/s (Was 520 m/s)
    o STEN: 495 m/s (Was 430 m/s) o MP40: 455 m/s (Was 400 m/s) o
    EMP: 420 m/s (Was 380 m/s) o MP28: 345 m/s (Was 320 m/s) o
    Suomi KP/-31: 330 m/s (Was 300 m/s) o M1928A1: 330 m/s (Was
    280 m/s)
  • Decreased drag of SMG bullets from to 0.005 (Was 0.007) for regular bullets and
    0.0035 (Was 0.005) for High Velocity Bullets.
Maps and Modes
  • Removed some spawns that were out of bounds on Rotterdam when playing Grand
  • Tweaked the metal beams on Devastation where players previously could get stuck.
  • Fixed an issue where players were unable to spawn on Arras when playing the Final
    Stand mode.
  • In Airborne, the bomb no longer auto detonates if one of the carriers does not
    advance towards the objective while being close to the other bomb carrier. We have
    this functionality to prevent players from taking the bomb and not playing the
    Added collision near the E flag close to the stage on Devastation where players
    previously could get stuck behind the scene.
  • Enabled destruction on the objects inside the control tower on Aerodrome.
  • Added more spawn points on Conquest, Domination, and Breakthrough on all maps.
  • Removed a spawn point that was out of bounds on Fjell 652 when playing Frontlines.
  • Fixed an issue on Airborne and Frontlines where the bomb could spawn below the
  • Frontlines on Twisted Steel: Increased respawn timer on tanks, from 30 seconds to
    90 seconds.
  • Delayed all airplane spawns in pre-round by 30 seconds as an intermediate measure
    to prevent bombers spawn killing players.
  • Breakthrough on Arras: Increased the initial ticket count from 200 to 250 and
    increased the spawn threshold on all sectors.
  • Breakthrough on Twisted Steel: Increased initial ticket count and increased the spawn
    threshold in the first sector.
  • Breakthrough on Fjell 652: Increased the spawn threshold in the first sector.
  • Added kill log icon for kills where the projectile first traversed a material before killing
    the player.
  • Customized vehicles, and not the default setup, are now shown in the progression
    hub instead.
  • The character is now facing the camera when applying facepaints.
  • Fixed an issue where the Company in the Frontend could show corrupted graphics in
    some cases.
  • Players should no longer see artifacts on the Company in the main menu.
  • Alpha and Beta Dog Tags should now be properly unlocked for players that earned
  • Players can now properly see the number of players in a friend’s squad in the social
  • Made various fixes to Special Assignments.
  • Items should no longer appear blurry when getting new shipments in the armory.
  • The in-game chat log will now stay hidden even if the player joins a squad and the
    player has chosen to hide the chat log.
  • The game doesn’t switch to default button mappings while the soldier is dead (death
    experience and deploy screens) anymore.
  • Fixed an issue where the social widget was overlapping on the end of round screen.
  • Iron sights zoom level now properly shows as 1.5x instead of 1x.

Options - Aiming
  • Implemented Uniform Aiming for vehicles (adjustable via the Advanced Control
    Options screen).
  • Implemented adjustable Vertical Aim ratio for soldier and vehicle aiming for
    mouse and stick aiming (adjustable via the Advanced Control Options screen).
  • Made controller stick input curve and aim speed tweaks for vehicle aiming.
  • Added Options for setting custom colors and glow on the Reflex/Nydar sights and
    colors for Lattey sights.
War Stories
  • The Freedom Star medal is now properly awarded once players collect all 40 Letters.
    The Distinguished Intelligence Service medal is now properly awarded once players
    collect all 40 Letters.
  • Improved the transition to gameplay on the Prologue when playing in 4K.
  • Improved the ragdolls behavior during the Prologue mission. Spectator
  • Using the “Invert Vertical Look” option no longer causes the controller to lose
  • The top gunner in the Panzer IV now appears in the correct position.
  • Fixed stuttering when spectating the Blenheim Mk IF.
  • Made various text fixes.
  • Added Camera Sway options to the Camera tab in the Spectator Options. These
    options can be used with the director and free cameras. o Enable Camera Sway -
    turn on/off camera sway. o Camera Sway Duration - how long it takes the camera
    to sway to the selected angle.
    o Camera Sway Angle - how far the camera can sway from the center.
  • Added a Look at Camera to Free Camera mode. When in the Free Camera mode,
    this can be turned using the "Look at Player" option in the Camera tab of the
    Spectator Options or via the input specified on the icon on the bottom right of the UI.
    When enabled, this will cause the free camera to automatically rotate and "look at"
    the selected player. The camera can still be moved by the user when this is on and
    will orbit around that player. The camera can also be rotated manually via input and
    when any rotation input stops; the camera will smoothly rotate back to looking at the
    selected player.
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when changing the soldiers’ appearances.
  • Many other stability improvements
PC Specific Improvements
  • When running VOIP at higher volumes the signal is no longer distorted.
  • Fixed an issue where quick keyboard taps would get missed if both press and release
    happened in the same update tick.
  • Controller stick and keyboard arrows now work properly when navigating the
    Calibration screen.
  • Made TAA (Temporal Anti-Aliasing) improvements: fixed broken motion vectors,
    which reduces blurriness on vegetation.
  • Origin friends presence is correctly updated for newly added friends.
  • The push-to-talk button now only activates that functionality and does not interfere
    with other in-game systems.
  • The social hub no longer closes down if you invite a friend to your squad.
  • Squad leaders are now able to leave and create new squads.
  • Squad members are now able to invite other players into their squad if the previous
    squad leader leaves.
  • If the player cancels during matchmaking, the game will no longer be stuck in a
    cancelling state.
  • Added Smooth Rotation option to the Camera tab in the Spectator Options. Smooth
    Rotation is an alternate control method for rotating the director and free cameras
    when using a mouse. When the right mouse button is held down, moving the mouse
    further in the desired direction will cause the camera to move faster. Stopping mouse
    movement while the right mouse button is held down will maintain the current speed.
    Setting Smooth Rotation to On will allow the camera to have much smoother rotation
    movement while using the mouse compared to the default rotation
    movement(Smooth Rotation Off). This can be used with the director and free
Button Mapping
  • PC: players can now use the keyboard arrow keys for aiming too (both soldier and
    vehicles) and shooting (Spacebar for vehicles, Right Ctrl for soldier).
  • Fixed an issue where binding keyboard buttons on aim/look actions had extremely
    high sensitivity.
  • Fixed an issue with the options screens sometimes showing incorrect option
    descriptions when hovering with the mouse.
RTX (DXR Ray Tracing)
  • Made stability improvements while running the game with DXR Ray Tracing on.
  • Improved performance of several components of the ray tracing implementation.
  • Improved ray tracing performance against foliage and vegetation.
  • Using frame buffer data, where applicable, to increase overall ray tracing quality.
  • Removed inactive geometry from ray traced scenes.
  • Fixed medium quality setting not applying correctly.
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12-11-2018 Serverupdate

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12-11-2018 Serverupdate

Liste der Änderungen
  • Spieler werden nicht länger auf der Minikarte gesichtet, nachdem sie einen Gegner eliminiert haben.
  • Ein Problem wurde behoben, durch das hochstufige Aufklärer den Zugriff auf die Wurfmesser-Waffe verloren.
  • Die anfängliche Respawn-Anzahl auf bestimmten Karten im Vorherrschaft-Modus wurde angepasst.
  • Ein Absturz wurde behoben, der auftreten konnte, wenn du dich als Trupp auf dem Übungsgelände aufgehalten hast.
  • Ein Absturz wurde behoben, der auftreten konnte, wenn du dir das Menü von Tides of War angesehen hast.
  • Ein Absturz wurde behoben, der auftreten konnte, wenn du die Nordlys-Kriegsgeschichte gespielt hast.
  • Der defekte Sound in den Tutorial-Videos wurde repariert.
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12-12-2018 TTK Change List

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12-12-2018 TTK Change List

With the TTK changes, we are changing how much damage certain weapons deal to body parts. However, the damage of all weapons to the head remains unchanged and some weapons will not be affected by those changes or very little to limit balance inconsistencies.


In practice, the maximum damage is now lower for most weapons. This means that it will take on average one more bullet to kill with the weapons that are affected.

The distances at which you will need more bullets to kill will also be affected. Like the table above, here is how it changes now with the original TTK equivalent in (bold parenthesis).

Semi Auto Rifles:
  • Gewehr 43, Selbstlader 1916: Drop to 4 Bullets To Kill around 39 m (never).
  • Turner SMLE: Drops to 4 BTK around 28 m (50 m), 5 BTK around 68 m (never).
  • Gewehr 1-5: Drops to 4 BTK around 13 m (30 m), 5 BTK around 44 m (50 m), 6 BTK around 63 m (never).
  • M1 Carbine: Drops to 5 BTK around 39 m (50 m), 6 BTK around 63 m (never).
Assault Rifles:
  • Can no longer 4 hit kill with body shots only.
  • Drop to 6 BTK around 21 m (50 m), 7 BTK around 53 m (never).
  • Can no longer 4 hit kill with body shots only.
  • Drop to 6 BTK around 21 m (50 m), 7 BTK around 57 m (never).
  • Can no longer 4 hit kill with body shots only.
  • Drop to 6 BTK around 15 m (25 m), 7 BTK around 32 m (50 m), 8 BTK around 49 m (75 m), 9 BTK around 70 m (never).
  • MP34 does not drop to 9 BTK at range.
Self-Loading Rifles:
  • Will now require one extra shot when hitting the lower body, arms or legs unless the other shot is a headshot.
Buckshot Shotguns:
  • Unchanged: Same damage.
Slug Shotguns:
  • Slightly adjusted: Will deal less damage when hitting lower body, arms or legs.
In the table below, you can get an overview of what the body parts vs weapon damage multipliers will be when the TTK changes are active.

The value in (red, bold parenthesis) represents what this value was with the original TTK values.
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Battlefield V 12-13-2018 Update

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Battlefield V 12-13-2018 Update

This is a small update to address some issues found in our last update on December 11th. Thanks to everyone who reported them to us The team worked over the past couple of days to fix them as quickly as possible.

Change List
  • Fixed an issue where Fortification building would not complete correctly. This affected all Fortifications including defensive Fortifications (sandbags etc.), stationary weapons, resupply stations, and Snögubbe!
We will also be pushing a Live Service Update to address the following:
  • Fixed issue with Tides of War Chapter Header showing incorrect days/hours remaining.
  • Changed the default settings when creating Squads and/or inviting Friends to PUBLIC instead of FRIENDS ONLY.
The Battlefield V 12-13-2018 Update will begin rolling out to each platform according to the release timing and downtime windows below:

Downtime: This is a zero-downtime update, so you will not be kicked from gameplay. Once the update is live for your platform, you will need to exit the game and relaunch to apply the update.

Update Accessibility:
PC - Thursday, Dec 13th at 1am PT / 4am ET / 9am UTC / 10am CET
PlayStation 4 - Thursday, Dec 13th at 2am PT / 5am ET / 10am UTC / 11am CET
Xbox One - Thursday, Dec 13th at 3am PT / 6am ET / 11am UTC / 12pm CET
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12-18-2018 Letter to the Community - TTK Changes Reverting

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12-18-2018 Letter to the Community - TTK Changes Reverting

Hello Battlefield Community,

We’ve committed to giving you an update this week around Battlefield V’s TTK (Time To Kill) adjustments, as seen in last Friday’s letter to the community. After rolling out those changes last week, we’ve listened to your feedback, reviewed our statistical data, and have made the decision to return to the original TTK values seen at launch.

Our intent with the TTK changes was to see if we could evolve the Battlefield V experience and make it more enjoyable for new players, whilst also making sure the Battlefield vets have a choice with a more “core” experience suiting their preferred play-style. Clearly we didn’t get it right. Veteran players didn’t ask for the change, but as game developers, we took it upon ourselves to make those changes based on extensive data and deliberation. It truthfully wasn’t an easy decision for us.

It’s important to acknowledge that we have a challenge bringing new players into Battlefield V and onboard them to become more experienced Battlefield players. It’s been a challenge across our games for a long time, as many will know, and becomes even more important for us to improve upon our post-launch experience with consistent updates to the game through the Tides of War. Our desire to service a game that caters to old and new players will continue. How we get it right isn’t easy, nor will it be quick, and we appreciate when the community comes together and helps us on this journey.

We have learned a lot over the past week. We’ve gained clarity on the issues you’ve shared with us around Time To Death (TTD), we’ve identified imbalances in weapons, and have recorded real-world data on how TTK changes our game and impactS our players. With that knowledge we have a better idea of how to improve the game going forward, and have already begun taking steps to improve the experience for all our players, new and veteran.

Starting tomorrow, December 18th at 4am PT / 7am ET / 1p CET, we will revert the TTK changes to their original launch states, we will remove the “Conquest Core” playlist, and we will not introduce any new “Core” playlists as mentioned in last week’s letter. This will be a server-side update and does not require a client download. We’ll continue to identify how we can improve the Battlefield V experience and will have more information for you around those changes starting in the new year.

Thank you for your feedback and patience. We’re excited to be on this journey with you.

- The Battlefield Team
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Battlefield V Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes Update 01152019

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Das Battlefield V Blitzeinschlag Update wird am Dienstag, den 15. Januar ab 10.00h CET veröffentlicht.

Bei diesem Update gibt es keine Downtime. Wenn ihr jedoch während der Ausführung des Updates im Spiel seid, werdet ihr euer Match beenden und den Client anschließend neustarten müssen, um das Update voll nutzen zu können.

New Content

New Mode: Squad Conquest
Squad Conquest is a tighter and more intense version of Conquest, where two squads per
team battle it out over smaller, more tactical layouts of three existing maps: Arras, Hamada,
and Rotterdam. These maps all feature 16 players on two teams, three flags, spawning
restricted to HQs, and limited access to vehicles. A core belief behind Squad Conquest is a
restricted number of variables to allow strategy to be able to exist – you have to be able to
predict player behavior and patterns, which is reflected in all three map layouts. Clear lanes
and conservative combat areas allow players to predict where enemies are coming from,
where they need to defend, and how to subvert enemy movement.

New Weapons
These are some of the weapons that will be obtainable through the Weekly Challenges in
January and February:
  • ZK-383 (SMG)
  • Modele 1944 (SA)
  • M1922 (MMG)

Top Issue Fixes and Changes

Time to Death and Death Experience Fixes
  • The name of the enemy that has killed a player is now shown in the game world when
    the player has died. This highlights the killer and helps players understand who killed
    them and from where, especially in crowded situations.
  • Improved the death experience with the addition of a camera that now follows and
    zooms towards the killer. This will allow players to understand what killed them and
    the position of the killer.
  • Improved accuracy of the visual representation of incoming bullets for other players.
    Tracers should now properly appear to consistently appear from the shooter, and
    should be clearer when the victim is looking directly at the shooter.
  • Fixed an issue with the UI directional damage indicator that delayed the indication of
    damage to the victim.
  • Made tweaks to the UI directional damage indicator to more accurately point towards
    the enemy damaging the player.
Soldier Fixes and Tweaks
  • Improved vaulting so that it no longer incorrectly triggers against steep hills and
  • Improved vaulting detection when trying to vault through a window that’s already
    broken. This will make vaulting in those cases less sensitive to tight attack angles
    (you’re welcome, Reddit!)
    https://www.reddit.com/r/BattlefieldV/c ... _windows_n
  • Fixed an issue where players could receive fall damage from vaulting over a wall.
  • Fixed an issue where players would pick up a weapon while reviving on console.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera would clip through the soldier while in the man
    down state when the player had set a very high FOV.
  • Improved the camera behavior when a player revives a downed player very quickly.
  • Improved soldier ragdoll behaviors and made them more granular when killed in
    different poses (stand, crouch, prone) and based on the impulse of explosions.
  • Soldiers killed by explosions will now blend nicely into full ragdoll when they land
    rather than snapping to a specific ragdoll position when landing.
  • Players will no longer get a strange arm pose when melee hitting an enemy three
    times in a row and then switching to the Fortification tool.
  • Fixed an issue where the ammo self-supply animation could get stuck and play
  • The Heavy Weapons trait is no longer as powerful on AA guns which previously
    would result in them having almost no overheat while firing.
  • Improved sliding activation consistency from double-tap by reducing the impact of
    turning while sprinting.
  • General improvements to the detection of auto-peek over and auto-lean.
  • Increased the horizontal free aiming angle when prone by 40°.
  • Halftracks now take more and more consistent damage, making them easier to
  • Fixed an issue where the Stuka quick repair did not resupply when flying through a
    resupply point.
  • Increased the damage of the Stuka BK37 cannons against all targets, while also
    reducing the splash range. Accurate shots versus vehicles and infantry will be greatly
    rewarded, but inaccurate fire will still suffer significantly reduced damage. These are
    intended as precision-strafing weapons, and should be powerful on single targets but
    weak on area targets.
  • The damage caused by the Mine Clearing Line Charge Specialization will register in
    the kill log and in the kill cam as well. Also, friendly players are no longer affected by
    the damage of the Mine Clearing Line Charge.
  • Fixed so that all tank cannons one-hit kill all types of airplanes, even those equipped
    with Specializations that reduce damage from Flak.
  • Increased the ammo capacity of all airplane cannons from 150 rounds to 200 rounds.
    The previous reduction caused players to return to reload more frequently than
  • Standardized an unintended imbalance between the coaxial and port firing vehicle
    machine guns. Overall this is a big buff to German machine guns, and a small buff to
    British ones. Some British machine guns were doing too much damage over all, and
    some German machine guns were doing too little. The close range damage of the
    German guns has been increased to match the British guns, and the long range
    damage of the British guns has been reduced to match the German guns. As a
    balancing factor, the range of all of these machine guns has been increased, so
    players should not see a reduced effectiveness in the British machine guns, and
    should experience an increased effectiveness of the German machine guns.
  • Reduced the damage reduction of explosions on players in prone. Players were
    previously resisting up to 25% of an explosion when prone, which was only intended
    in a few edge cases. This was fundamentally breaking the intended damage of tank
    shells, as players could absorb too much damage. The damage of explosions is
    otherwise is unchanged.
  • Reduced reload time of rockets to 15 seconds (was previously 30 seconds).
  • Reduced reload time of bombs to 20 seconds (was previously 30 seconds).
Visual and Audio
  • Resupply Station locations for vehicles are now pinned to the edge of the screen
    when ammo resupply is available, in order to help players find these resources.
    These icons scale in size and transparency the further a player is from the resources
    to prevent icon clutter.
  • Fixed a bug which would make vehicle paint jobs look less detailed compared to how
    they look in the customization menu.
  • The Stuka siren has been made louder.
  • Improved audio mix on planes to have more noticable propeller sound and less
    engine sound.
  • Improved the graphics on the wheel compartment of the Blenheim MkI.
  • When spawning into a top gunner seat, players are now holding the machine gun
  • Fixed the third-person animation when entering the Churchill Mk VII Tank so it aligns
  • Third-person animations should now play properly when using the backseat in the
  • Fixed an issue where players using higher sensitivity options could be counted as
    being out of bounds while in a top gunner seat while actually being within bounds.
  • Players should no longer fall under the map when spawning into a vehicle that
    managed to get destroyed right before the spawn.
Weapons, Gadgets, and Specializations
  • Removed the Extended Magazine Specialization for the M1907 SF and made the
    extended magazine equipped by default. Recoil Buffer has been added as a
    replacement. This weapon's Specializations will be reset and the means for unlocking
    them will be refunded. The M1907 SF was not useful enough without the extended
    magazine upgrade, making the hipfire upgrades a bad choice.
  • Decreased the effectiveness of the Ported Barrel Specialization on the M1928A1 to
    better balance the weapon in the SMG class. The upgrade was a bit too strong,
    leading to a slightly too controllable weapon.
  • Reduced the base deploy time of the StG 44 to 0.80 seconds from 0.85 seconds to
    better align with the animation. This was not in line with other assault rifles. You can
    shoot a bit sooner after switching to this weapon now.
  • Enabled semi-automatic fire for the M1928A1 which was previously missing.
  • Increased Suomi Kp/-31 reload speed when not using extended magazines. Reload
    times are now 2.3 seconds (previously 2.5 seconds) tactical and 3.45 seconds
    (previously 3.75 seconds) empty. The base reload was a bit too slow for the small
    magazine, making the extended magazine upgrade too important.
  • Fixed an issue where some weapons were inaccurate for too long when going from
    sprinting to firing when aiming down the sights (ADS). Some weapons did not reach
    full accuracy when fully zoomed in when transitioning from sprinting to ADS, leading
    to unexpectedly high recoil when firing. This was most noticeable on SMGs.
  • Fixed an issue where SMGs and weapons with the Enhanced Grips and Slings and
    Swivels Specializations remained inaccurate when going from sprinting to firing in
    SMGs and weapons with these upgrades did not recover accuracy quickly enough
    when going from sprinting to firing in hipfire, reducing the intended mobility advantage
    they should have.
  • Made tweaks to SMG weapon positions in hip fire when firing and strafing to prevent
    the weapon from covering the crosshair.
  • The Panzerfaust no longer has a long delay before being able to fire after switching to
    the weapon.
  • Fixed so that the Panzerfaust one-hit kills all types of airplanes, even when equipped
    with Specializations that reduce damage from Flak.
  • Reduced the damage of the Panzerfaust. The Panzerfaust is very easy to use, and
    widely equipped. As a fast fire-and-forget weapon, its damage payoff was still too
    good against all types of armor. The damage is still high enough, even against a
    heavy tank, that a smart player can utilize a dedicated anti-tank loadout to defeat the
    enemy using skill and tactics.
  • Increased Throwing Knives max damage range to 10m from 6.5m.
  • Reduced the delay between two consecutive Throwing Knives throws by 40%.
  • Adjusted parameters for explosive damage when behind cover so that players behind
    cover properly receive reduced damage when cover is destroyed.
  • Adjusted damage multipliers for grenades and Panzerfaust versus various barricades
    so that multiple grenades are required to tear down a sandbag Fortification.
  • The RSC now reloads with the correct amount of bullets even if there’s already a
    bullet in the chamber.
  • If the player revives a friendly while reloading, the reload will now properly get
    interrupted instead of completing it during the revive animation.
  • Fixed the sling swivel so it no longer floats below the MP28.
  • Fixed clipping weapon when firing the M1928A1 with some iron sights.
  • Enemies firing no longer have their heads moved backwards while firing, which could
    cause unpredictable head movements when players tried to land headshots.
  • Improved the trajectory of supply pouches when thrown towards players.
  • Aligned the optics for the Lattey sights while in ADS using the M1897.
  • Fixed an issue where the hand pose would break when switching the primary weapon
    and the Ruby pistol.
Scope Glint
  • Adjusted the size and intensity of the glints for medium powered scope and high
    powered scopes. Medium powered scope glints are now smaller and less intense
    than high powered ones.
  • Pushed the visible distance for scope glints a bit further. They will now start being
    visible from longer distances (both Medium and High).
  • Scope Glint for medium scope visibility falls off over longer distances.
  • The interaction prompt now properly appears when looking at a Spawn Beacon if it
    can be picked up.
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to switch to their secondary weapon when
    having the M30 Drilling Equipped while using rifle mode.
  • Reduced the minimum damage of the Gewehr 43 and Selbstlader 1916 to 33.5 from
  • Increased the damage for the Mk VI Revolver. Two-hit kill range is now 12 m
    (previously 7 m), three-hit kill range is 30 m (previously 12 m), four-hit kill range is 50
    m (previously 30 m). Minimum damage is now 22 instead of 15. Damage dropped too
    steeply for the rate of fire and magazine capacity of this weapon.
  • Buffs to SMGs in this update are aimed at improving the mid-range combat ability of
    the Medic class. Reductions in recoil and increases to accuracy will allow the SMG
    user to maintain damage on target and increase their effectiveness over all.
  • Improved SMG sustained fire when hip firing.
  • Reduced SMG base dispersion to 0.15 from 0.2. This makes SMGs feel a bit more
    controllable and enables the low rate of fire SMGs to be reasonably effective at
    medium range without having to get accuracy upgrades.
  • Reduced Suomi Kp/-31 vertical recoil to 0.76 from 0.8.
  • Reduced Suomi Kp/-31 horizontal recoil to 0.93 from 0.95. The Suomi was a bit too
    hard to control compared to the M1928A1.
  • Reduced EMP recoil pattern strength to make firing single shots less awkward. Single
    shots were heavily biased to go sideways, making them awkward to use compared to
    other weapons.
  • Increased M1A1 vertical recoil to 0.6 from 0.55. This weapon was outperforming other
    weapons at intended ranges and will now be more difficult to land multiple shots on
    target at longer range.
  • Increased M1907 SF vertical recoil to 0.82 from 0.68. This weapon was outperforming
    other weapons at intended ranges and will now be more difficult to land multiple shots
    on target at longer range.
  • Reduced the vertical recoil reduction when crouching to 25% from 30% and when
    prone to 40% (previously 50%).
  • The vertical recoil reduction when crouching or prone no longer stacks with the
    reduction from using a bipod. This was inadvertently making bipods inconsistent,
    making fire patterns with bipods difficult to learn since they were different in each
    stance. Stance changes reduced recoil too much, especially when combined with a
    bipod, which virtually removed all handling difference when prone. This affects MMGs
    when prone most noticeably.
Maps and Modes
  • Final Stand: players are no longer able to skip revive in this mode.
  • Breakthrough on Rotterdam: removed an out of bounds spawn for the defenders near
    the A flag.
  • Panzerstorm: fixed an issue where there would be lamps floating in the air after the
    building they were in was destroyed.
  • Final Stand: fixed the black deploy screen.
  • Airplanes no longer take damage when taking off from the landing strip on the
    Practice Range.
  • Fixed an issue where the gamepad vibrations would not work on Grand Operations.
  • On Aerodrome, the Fortification sandbags will no longer block the view of the
    stationary weapon near the airplane hangar.
  • Fixed the floating Flak 39 on Panzerstorm.
  • Fixed a piece of barbed wire that was seemingly invisible on Devastation near Flag A
    while playing Conquest.
  • Improved the railing on Rotterdam near the canals so they are easier to vault over.
  • Fires on levels no longer cause unintentional lens flare effects.
  • Decreased the intensity of the white environmental smoke on Devastation.
  • The Distinguished Defender’s Cross ribbon is no longer awarded multiple times upon
  • Players are now able to scroll through the map list from the server info screen ingame.
  • Added the missing M24 grenade icon on the statistics screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the “enter vehicle” prompt could be visible while in parrot
    camera view.
  • Fixed a bug where squad orders were delayed for top gunners in tanks.
  • Added the missing image for Panzerstorm in the Advanced Search menu.
  • Rarity of vehicle skins is now shown in the Vehicle Customization screen.
  • Special Assignment icons should now always be visible on all challenges.
  • Fixed an issue which could result in the bleed out functionality not always working.
  • Added a Zoom Transition Sensitivity Smoothing option (this is off by default). When
    enabled, this option allows players to smooth out the sensitivity transition when
    aiming down sight instead of instantly transitioning to the zoomed sensitivity. This
    option only affects legacy aiming users as it’s already automatically enabled when
    using Uniform Soldier Aiming.
  • Fixed an issue where the killcard would not be visible if the player gets revived too
    quickly after getting killed.
  • Made various text fixes.
  • Voiceovers are now played when notifying players in the man down state that you are
    coming to revive them.
  • Footstep audio has been improved making walking and sprinting louder for a better
    gameplay experience, while crouching and crawling generates less sound to enable
    sneaking and stealth gameplay.
  • Fixed an issue where the disabled sound for planes would keep playing after
  • Improved footstep sounds based upon what type of physics material the player is
    stepping on, on both Arras and Twisted Steel.
  • Fixed an issue which could result in the “kill confirmed” audio confirmation to not play
    at the correct moment.
  • Made multiple crash fixes and general stability improvements.
PC Specific Improvements
  • Increased the density of the fields on Arras when playing on lower settings, to not
    give a visual advantage to those playing on low-spec PCs.

Hello Battlefield V players, and welcome to our first update in 2019!

As part of Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes, we’re kicking off the year with Squad Conquest which
is an intense version of Conquest that enables more tactical gameplay between two teams of
16 players on the Arras, Rotterdam, and Hamada maps.
Additionally, we’re adding four new weapons which can be unlocked with the Weekly
Challenges that will be made available during Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes.
We’ve also made several changes and fixes based upon the feedback from the Battlefield
Note that there’s much more coming with Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes, including the return of
Rush, a new Grand Operation, and more. New experiences will be delivered in future
updates as the Chapter progresses.
See you on the battlefield!

/Jaqub Ajmal
Producer – Battlefield V
(Twitter: @jaqubajmal)

Player feedback
As always, we value your input and we want you to reach out to us with feedback.
For general feedback, please use our Battlefield V section on the Battlefield forums which
you can find by following this URL: https://forums.battlefield.com/en-us/ca ... discussion
Should you encounter any issues or bugs, we recommend that you report them on our
Battlefield V – Answers HQ forum which you can find here:
You can also reach out to our Battlefield multiplayer producer David Sirland and Battlefield
LIVE producer Jaqub Ajmal on Twitter if you have any further topics that you would like us to
write about in future blog posts. You can reach them on Twitter @tiggr_ and @jaqubajmal.
Also, you can reach Jaqub on Weibo: @jaqub
As always, we hope to see you on the battlefield and we look forward to the journey that
Battlefield V will take us on through the Tides of War!
David Sirland and Jaqub Ajmal, on behalf of the teams at EA and DICE.
"Ich habe viel von meinem Geld für Alkohol, Weiber und schnelle Autos ausgegeben...
Den Rest habe ich einfach verprasst."

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2019-01-29 ToW Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes – Update #2

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Nach dem Update Anfang Januar führen wir mit dieser Veröffentlichung das Fahrzeug Sturmgeschütz IV ein – ein Panzerfahrgestell mit Sturmgeschützaufbau der Achse, das gut für die Selbstverteidigung ausgestattet ist, mit einer oberen Schützenposition und einem ferngesteuerten MG-Turm, der sicher aus dem Inneren bedient werden kann. Du schaltest das Sturmgeschütz IV frei, indem du die wöchentliche Herausforderung des dritten Kapitel-Events von Kapitel 2: Blitzeinschlag meisterst.

Außerdem erhält unser Übungsgelände neue Funktionen, wir haben zahlreiche Verbesserungen an der Panzersturm-Karte vorgenommen und wie immer diverse Fixes und Anpassungen durchgeführt. Darüber hinaus gab es einige Änderungen auf Basis des Feedbacks und der gemeldeten Probleme durch die Battlefield™-Community.
Complete Changelog:

New Vehicle – Sturmgeschutz IV
The StuG IV’s low silhouette makes it great for ambush tactics, and the turretless design makes it less
vulnerable to enemy tanks. Not having a turret is a bit of a drawback of course. StuG IV drivers have
to align the hull of their tank in the direction of the enemy, in order to overcome the limited
movement of their main cannon.
The StuG IV is well equipped for self-defense, having both a top gunner position and a remotely
controlled machinegun turret that can be operated by a passenger safely from within the tank.
The Specialization tree for the StuG IV provides further options for improving the survivability and
the anti-infantry capabilities of the tank, for those drivers who want to get into the thick of the
action. Or alternatively, drivers might want to go for a longer barrel and armor-piercing shells, to
achieve much improved shell velocity and long-distance anti-tank capabilities.

Practice Range Improvements and Features
  • Gadget practice: Practice shooting the Panzerfaust and other gadgets against stationary and
    moving targets.
  • Skeet shooting: Improve your accuracy in the skeet shooting arena with various difficulty
  • Grenade practice: Learn how to accurately toss grenades at randomly spawning barrels.
    Again, with different levels of difficulty
  • Bullet drop: Various modes will now offer you the ability to toggle bullet drop, a visualization
    of where your bullets will land.
  • Updated initial spawn positions to suit players wanting to go to the open range more quickly.
    Various bug fixes relating to previous content.
  • Open range mini modes now feature, one-star, two-star, and three-star Practice Range
    ribbons that can be obtained by scoring streaks in easy, normal, and hard, respectively.
  • Practice Range ribbons can be viewed, in the scoreboard for solo play or co-op play
Panzerstorm Map Updates
A while ago we released the map Panzerstorm and we've been super happy with how it's been
received by you, the players! We've played with you and listened to your feedback and comments.
We've also looked at the telemetry gathered from thousands of games played by millions. Based on
all this, we've decided to make some changes to the map, both big and small.
Probably the most obvious change is the extension of the F point. We added additional buildings to
the Swine Farm and made it basically four times bigger. These buildings should bring additional cover
to infantry and tanks alike. We also added an oak alley along the road between G and D to make it
easier for infantry to navigate in this previously open space.
A common criticism of the map from infantry players is that they feel they are too exposed. We've
worked a lot to try and help you out with this. We've added lots of ditches and mounds along edges
of fields to help you sneak up on tanks out in the open. We call it the “Arras treatment”, and if you’re
familiar with that map you will now find more height differences along ridges, stone walls, and roads,
as well as deeper ditches next to those roads. Lots of these changes are fairly minor but will add up
to a more enjoyable infantry life.
While the tank battles from A to D are really cool, we want to add some soft cover to allow tankers to
actually advance. We've added a few trees to help with this. We've also rotated the house on the D
point 180° so you can use the top floor for sniping. We've also added ladders to the barn on D if you
want to take a peek out into the fields. Some of the changes should mirror gameplay improvements
we achieved by adding the oak alley to the area between D and G.
The path between D and E offered no real lanes or good cover and when studying the data, we could
clearly see that fighting between D and E is much more erratic than we'd hope for. We've tried
improving upon what's already there by adding additional soft cover and height changes in the
terrain to help you at least get some of the way before deciding if it's worth taking the risk running
out in the open. This should hopefully lead to fewer firefights where getting shot from unexpected
angles occur. We'll keep an eye on the telemetry to see if we need to make additional changes going
The area between B and C has been integrated into the tank defense line. This will lead to more
infantry cover between these points and hopefully extend the strong infantry movement from E, D, C
to B as well.
We've also heard that the flight ceiling feels a bit low on this level. So, we raised it.
Lastly, we added additional Fortifications across the map to help infantry build up a stronger foothold
against advancing tanks.
/Matthias Wagner and Erik Rönnblom
Twitter: @Kenturrac @ErikRonnblom

Soldier Fixes and Tweaks
  • The volume attenuation of third-person footsteps over distance has been increased. It is now
    at a point between the original shipped value and the previous update. At 25m from the
    player, the footstep volume will now drop to 28% (11dB drop) of the volume heard when
    compared to someone next to the player. This compares with a previous update value of
    71% (3dB drop), and an original shipped value of 10% (20dB drop).
  • Footstep sounds on snow have had their perceived volume reduced slightly.
  • Fixed a bug where players were unable to redeploy if they had been killed by Dynamite and
    then almost got revived by a medic.
  • Made multiple bipod deploy detection improvements on different surfaces that would
    previously be ignored or tend to easily not connect.
  • Transitioning to prone is no longer possible if there is not enough space to fit the player. This
    means that players will no longer attempt to prone if there isn’t enough space to begin with.
    The feature is currently missing messaging that will come into a later patch.
  • Fixed an issue where it wouldn’t be possible to damage players performing a high vault.
  • Increased the minimum vault height when players are moving forward with a minimum
    forward velocity of 1m/s. This improvement will reduce situations where players will vault
    over small height obstacles (rubble etc.) instead of simply jumping.
  • General vaulting improvements.
  • Players are no longer vaulting stairs when trying to jump while running.
  • Added a faster ledge-grab animation that can be triggered when falling for a short duration.
  • Improved the slow ledge-grab animation to make it less jarring.
  • Made the detection of ledge grab continuous when pressing and holding the vault key while
    falling. Mashing buttons is no longer required to grab a ledge while falling.
  • Improved tracking of enemy soldiers by reducing the leaning on turns and sharp direction
    changes animation. This will keep the soldier’s upper body steadier and bring more
    consistency to combat (mostly with rifles and pistol poses).
  • Fixed an issue where the enemy soldier’s head would be turning towards the wrong direction
    when some nearby events would be playing, creating situations where players could feel like
    they got killed by players not looking at them.
  • Fixed an issue where the transition between killcard and bleed out would be delayed for a
    minimum of three seconds.
  • Fixed an issue where the revive icons seen above downed friendlies would not deplete
    preventing players from understanding the time left for a revive.
  • Blenheim passengers will no longer be able to see the pilot’s crosshairs within their view.
  • Fixed the third-person bomb sight on the Stuka B-1 which was missing.
  • Fixed a bug with the Spitfire MK VB where the plane could no longer fire its guns once the
    ammo count was below 50 bullets.
  • The Staghound will now play all of its collision sound effects.
  • The Flak 38 now shows the correct ammo name.
  • Improved the behavior of the flares on the Panzer 38t.
  • Moved the The Last Tiger emblem on the Tiger tank, so that it’s no longer hidden behind the
    camp gear attached to the tank.
  • Added a horn to the Universal Carrier. Honk away!
  • The Blenheim Supplies Specialization will now drop both health and ammo.
  • Fixed an issue where the vehicle repair process would not reset if the repairing player would
    exit the vehicle.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could skip the reloading process for weapons.
  • A substantial system improvement in AA behavior has been made to make the experience for
    shooting at airplanes more consistent. Players should notice that shells that detonate in
    proximity to an airplane do damage more consistently, and also that shots that are closer to
    the target do more damage than shots that are further from the target. This is especially
    obvious when planes are flying directly at or away from an AA, with higher damage for flying
    at an AA and lower when trying to escape an AA. We have adjusted damage values on all AA
    guns to compensate for this improvement, and the different kinds of AA guns should now be
    clearer choices. Fast-firing AA is now better against highly maneuverable, small targets like
    fighters. Slow-firing AA is now better against larger targets like bombers.
  • Tweaked the projectile firing position on all Stationary and towable AA guns, which no longer
    causes players to fire into sandbags or into the ground when aiming low.
  • Fixed an issue where using a controller for movement and mouse for aiming simultaneously
    could randomly cause vehicle turrets to break and not rotate anymore.
Weapons, Gadgets, and Specializations
  • Fixed an issue where the repair tool would sometimes not work when attempting to repair
    the Universal Carrier.
  • Cancelling an armed grenade can now be done by either pressing reload or any of the
    inventory switch buttons.
  • Aiming Down Sight (ADS) animations with all weapons and all sights have been revamped to
    better reflect the correct point of aim while strafing and walking. All rifles, SMGs, LMGs, and
    shotguns now have improved visual stability across all scopes and firing a first shot will be
    much more accurate.
  • The transition animation from stand to crouch while in ADS has been improved to better
    match the accuracy changes.
  • Removed the floating bullets when getting shipments to the Armory for the Bren Gun.
  • Fixed an issue where SMG magazine parts would sometimes disappear when swapping from
    the smoke grenade launcher back to the primary weapon.
  • Fixed an issue where the M1907 SF iron sight was obstructed by some muzzle
  • AT Mines should no longer appear as floating in the air for players joining after those mines
    have been placed.
Maps and Modes
  • Frontlines: Fixed several issues with Frontlines that were causing the game mode to be
    played with the wrong number of players, the HUD to be missing, and some text strings not
    showing the correct information.
  • Fixed an issue where players could be notified that their “deploy point is no longer available”
    when attempting to spawn.
  • Removed any traces of Reinforcements from the Domination and Team Deathmatch game
    mode, as Reinforcements are not intended for these modes.
  • Fixed an issue on Aerodrome that would let players get into an unintended area within the
    airplane hangar.
  • Improved the painted floor textures on Hamada near Objective F when playing Conquest.
    They were previously very blurry.
    Panzerstorm-Specific Fixes and Changes
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to see below the ground in an area where gameplay
    often takes place.
  • Some bushes are no longer bulletproof.
  • Multiple graphical fixes.
  • When playing Conquest, players can now capture flags while standing on the roof of
    buildings that are within the capture radius.
  • The F flag (Swine Farm) got a complete rework.
  • An oak alley got added between flags D and G.
  • The terrain received a lot of small height adjustments to improve concealed infantry
  • More bushes and trees between flags A and D were added to improve tank and infantry
  • The infantry lanes between flags D and E got improved.
  • The area between flags B and C has been integrated into the tank defense line to improve
    infantry movement between those points.
  • Added support for separate aim-assist options for soldiers and vehicles. The aim-assist
    strength can also be adjusted smoothly instead of the old on/off switches.
  • Added a freelook decouple option for pilots so that they can rebind the freelook controls,
    separate from pitch/roll and have them active without pressing a button.
  • Players can now assign a button for taking screenshots.
  • The heal button now gets highlighted when the player should use a health pack.
  • The UI for health now turns yellow when healing, to better show the amount of health that
    has been healed.
  • The bleed out circle is now properly showing the state of downed soldiers, so that Medics
    can once again better prioritize who to revive. Sanitäter!!!
  • In Squad Conquest, players will now be able to give objective orders, even if the flags are in a
    neutral state.
  • Various text fixes in the Arabic localization.
  • Fixed an issue that would display unsupported characters on the recommendation cards
    when playing in either French or Korean.
  • Updated the tool tips to be more up to date with current design.
  • Various Tides of War text fixes.
  • Added a “watch tutorial” button for Squad Conquest. The video that is shown is the regular
    Conquest tutorial as the rules are basically identical.
  • Fixed an issue where the background in the in-game weapon customize screen was missing,
    making it very difficult to see the text on snow levels.
  • Added a bayonet icon for the killcam and kill feed.
  • The previous map loading screen will no longer show for a few seconds when loading into a
    new map.
  • Fixed the requirements for the “MP28 Proficiency II" Special Assignment which were
    previously incorrect.
  • Players should no longer get the message "The class you have selected is violating the server
    rules" when selecting a new weapon that was unlocked in the previous round.
  • Fixed a bug that made players unable to spawn using the random spawn after a squad wipe.
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused players to not be able to spawn with a tank, even
    though there are tanks available for spawning.
  • Tides of War: Only nodes completed prior to the end of round should be shown, and not
    nodes that have been previously completed in other past rounds.
  • The Battlefield Veteran dog tag should now be selectable for those players that meet the
  • The top rank class icon should now show the correct class icon, and not always Assault.
  • The Outstanding Field Gallantry ribbon is now awarded after each round if the requirements
    are met.
  • The Outstanding Marksmanship ribbon is now awarded after completing the requirements.
  • The Outstanding Explosive Ordnance Deployment ribbon is now awarded after completing
    the criteria.
  • Fixed an issue which could make a player trying to join a friend on a full team end up in an
    infinite joining loop.
  • Fixed a bug which could result in squads getting kicked from a server by a team balancing
    script that runs between matches.
Netcode-Related UI Improvements
  • HUD aim lead indicator has been implemented. This will help players understand when and
    how much they need to lead their shots, should they have a bad ping. It currently appears
    once players have a higher ping than 162.
  • Improved the damage rounding on the HUD health counter to avoid misleading situations
    where health could be shown as “0” or the rounding could lead the players to believe that
    they could get hit by more damage than they realistically could take.
  • Added an option that lets players select the network performance graph to show if there are
  • Added the ability to resize and reposition the network graph.
  • Multiple crash fixes and stability improvements.
Single Player
  • The single player menu now tracks the progression after the user completes the
    requirements for the challenge named Stay Undetected in the Storm.
  • The single player menu now reflects the progression after the user completes the
    requirements for the challenge named Play Onslaught.
PC-Specific Improvements
  • Players joining on friends that are on a full server will now be placed in the queue instead of
    being prompted by the “squad is full” error message.
  • Improved how the single player loads on certain AMD GPUs. Players should no longer have
    20 seconds of black screen and should see a loading cinematic much faster.
"Ich habe viel von meinem Geld für Alkohol, Weiber und schnelle Autos ausgegeben...
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2019-02-05 Battlefield V Markeplace Update

Beitrag von Fussballgott » 05.02.2019, 10:51

Battlefield V Marketplace Update

We've resolved an issue from the first Chapter of Tides of War impacting the ability to purchase Weekly Challenge unlocks via the Armory. With this backend update, you'll be able to purchase the following items:
  • M1897
  • MAS44
  • VGO
  • AGM42
  • Selbstadler 1906
  • ZK383
  • Ribeyrolles
"Ich habe viel von meinem Geld für Alkohol, Weiber und schnelle Autos ausgegeben...
Den Rest habe ich einfach verprasst."

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2019-02-13 ToW Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes – Update #3

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Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes – Update #3

Hello Battlefield™ V players, and welcome to the February 12 update!
The update adds four-player co-op to Battlefield V with Combined Arms. This experience lets you
bring friends to challenge AI enemies and improve your skills before jumping into multiplayer. You
can play solo or in a squad with up to three friends and tackle eight PvE missions set behind enemy
lines, with four different objectives across four maps.
Another part of the update, but one not available just yet, is the return of a fan-favorite multiplayer
mode: Rush. Arriving in early March, Rush will appear for a limited time during Chapter 2: Lightning
We’re also focusing on improving the existing Battlefield V gameplay experience with this update.
Netcode issues are being targeted, as well as general quality of life improvements on maps and
ground vehicles.
See you on the battlefield!
Jaqub Ajmal,
Producer, Battlefield V
(Twitter: @jaqubajmal)

Netcode / TTK / TTD Improvements
  • Added a new system that will ensure consistency between TTK (Time to Kill) and TTD (Time
    to Death) regardless of the network performance issues (high latency, jitter, packet loss, etc.)
    encountered by players. With this change, the damage sequence from first bullet to last
    bullet hit will always properly be paced over time and will avoid bundling of damage (superbullets).
  • Increased the amount of damage updates that can happen in a single packet. This will ensure
    that the damage is sent to the player as fast as possible and avoid very delayed damage from
    weapons like shotguns.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the client to receive an incorrect amount of damage that would
    get corrected by the server shortly after. In some cases, the health correction for the client
    would only happen when a new damage update happens, which led to a desynced state
    where the player would try to self-heal or interact with other healing sources unsuccessfully.
  • Fixed an issue where the player’s health would wrongly update due to incorrect high
    frequency prioritization. This would commonly happen if there were a lot of players in the
    area. This issue could present itself when, for example, players tried to heal themselves, but
    no health was applied when the health pouch was used.
  • Fixed an issue where players still could take bullets damage for too long from a player that
    was recently killed, especially if that player had high latency. When the player is now
    confirmed killed on the server, damage from that player will be rejected. This change will not
    affect grenades, rockets and other projectiles that are not bullets.
  • Improved the visual replication of projectiles. This will ensure a more consistent directional
    damage feedback and will increase the accuracy of directional hit indicators.
  • Improved the HUD health updates when taking damage.
  • Fixed an issue where camera shakes would get delayed. This impacted how fast the player
    could read the damage feedback.
  • Made several improvements to vaultable object detection.
  • Fixed an exploit where players could destroy their own vehicles to gain points.
  • The Blenheim Mk IF and Stuka B-1 now properly use “flight zoom radius” settings for the
  • Fixed an issue with the Flakpanzer AA which caused it to deal an unintended amount of
    damage to airplanes when using the default four-barrel gun.
  • The AA gun barrels on the Valentine AA tank now follow the movement properly when the
    user is aiming in zoomed-in mode.
  • The Blenheim MK IF and Blenheim MKI is again able to get more ammo when flying through
    the reload checkpoint for their primary weapon.
  • In Single Player, the hit boxes for planes have been increased during the Under No Flag War
    Story, in the section when the player uses the Flak 38.
  • The resupply icon is now properly displayed for the Sturmtiger when players are in first
    person perspective in the resupply area.
  • The Churchill Mk VII Tank now takes damage as intended when getting hit on the front sides
    and rear.
  • Increased the velocity and drag of all tank shells. The shells travel faster in short encounters
    but have similar ballistic curves and velocity at distance. This makes tank fights at mid range
    feel more powerful and immediate, without enabling tank sniping at long range. Additionally,
    this creates a larger gap between HE and AP shell ballistics, making AP shells easier to aim at
    longer ranges.
  • Increased the armor value of heavy tanks by 25% against tank cannons. The Tiger and
    Churchill were outmatched by upgraded medium tanks, and generally were not survivable
    enough against threats to justify their lower speed and maneuverability.
  • Increased the damage values of all armor-piercing specialized shells by 30%. These shells rely
    upon hits from good angle far more than the basic HE shells. Their damage values were too
    low to compensate for the angle damage, making them less effective than HE shells in many
    situations. AP shells should now be a better choice than HE shells when fighting tanks and
    making good shots, but a worse choice if the angle of attack is poor.
  • Increased the damage of all tank shells versus infantry by 12%. This should make the tank
    shells properly lethal against infantry who are crouched, prone, or sprinting.
  • Slightly reduced the splash damage of the PIAT against infantry, especially at close ranges.
  • Fixed several vehicles which took more than the intended amount of damage when a shell
    ricocheted off their armor: Panzer 38t, Churchill Crocodile, Halftracks, Panzer IV, Staghound,
    and Tiger.
  • Reduced the damage of the Churchill Mk VII Howitzer upgrade against Vehicles. This shell
    should be highly effective against infantry, and the lethal potential of the shell against
    infantry is unchanged. For vehicles, the HESH projectile is still highly effective against all
    targets, and thus is now more attractive as a Specialization in the tree.
  • Increased the amount of aim assist on vehicles to be equal to the soldier aim assist.
  • The BK37 now detonates when hitting tanks, even at very poor angles. This increases the
    damage done versus tanks for these poor angle shots.
  • Increased the burn time of the flares dropped by airplanes and launched by tanks to be equal
    to the Recon’s spotting flare.
  • Spawning into the Panzer 38T on a squad mate will now have a smoother transition with less
    camera clipping issues.
  • Fixed a bug which would hinder players from entering a vehicle if Dynamite was placed
    exactly on the top of the entry indicator of a vehicle.
  • It’s no longer possible to danger ping a vehicle through smoke.
  • Improved tank tracks on terrain to look better after multiple tanks have driven over the same
  • Ragdolls now properly disappear after a player has redeployed after getting killed in a seat of
    a vehicle.
Weapons, Gadgets, and Specializations
  • Adjusted the weapon settle sway animation when moving from hip fire to ADS to better
    match the actual accuracy transition. The sight will now settle in place faster.
  • Fixed an issue where in some rare cases the Medic would be unable to self-heal.
  • The Turner SMLE will now show the soldier reloading the weapon by properly adding bullet
    by bullet.
  • Added the missing sight rewards for the Zk-383’s progression.
  • Fixed a bug with the bipod which enabled players to mount it mid-air next to walls.
  • Sniper decoys can no longer be placed upon each other to reach unintended areas.
  • Fixed an issue where Spawn Beacons would snap onto surfaces above the player (trees etc.).
  • Greatly improved the detection of areas where players are allowed to deploy Spawn
  • Greatly improved the detection of obstacles between the player and the potential Spawn
  • Disabled placement of Spawn Beacons under water.
  • Reduced the maximum distance at which a player is allowed to deploy a Spawn Beacon to
    1,35m instead of 2m to reduce conflicts with obstacles between the player and the
    "potential Spawn Beacon".
  • On the Practice Range, all parts of the MG42 weapon are now visible.
  • Fixed a bug where the player’s weapons sometimes would become invisible when exiting a
  • Fixed an issue when using an ammo pouch which could result in the animation showing a
    health pouch instead or vice versa.
  • Fixed a rare bug which could result in players being unable to reload the KE7 if they, with
    exact timing, activated aim down sights when the last bullet in the magazine was fired.
  • Mines placed by your team will no longer explode if you drive over them with a vehicle that
    has a towable attached.
  • The Zk-383 magazine is no longer misaligned when reloading viewed from third person.
  • Fixed a bug where, after using Squad Reinforcements, the squad radio would not de-equip.
  • The Tanker and Pilot classes no longer build Fortifications faster than the Support class with
    the engineer Combat Role.
  • The overheat effect on machine guns is no longer misaligned in third person.
  • Players are no longer able to aim down sight with the Squad Reinforcement binoculars which
    was causing a black mesh to block the player’s view.
  • Fixed an issue where Ammo and Health crates could sometimes fall through the game world.
  • Spawning on the Spawn Beacon now makes you face the proper direction (towards the
Weapon balance
Shotgun Slugs
  • Increased two-hit kill range to 30 m (was 25 m) and increased one headshot kill range to 50
    m (was 35 m) when using the Solid Slug specialization. Slugs were a bit disappointing in terms
    of damage over distance, so we slowed down their damage drop-off.
  • Reduced reload time to 2.75 s (was 2.9 s) and increased reload threshold to 0.6 (was 0.5).
    The PIAT’s reload timer was slightly longer than the animation looked, and it was possible to
    skip parts of the reload time by doing a weapon swap.
  • Increased initial vertical recoil to 0.7 (was 0.65), decreasing to 0.52 (was 0.5) after four shots.
  • Increased horizontal recoil to 0.48 (was 0.45).
  • Changed recoil pattern. The KE7 was still slightly too controllable for its rate of fire, so we
    increased recoil across the board.
Turner SMLE
  • Reduced maximum damage to 40 (was 45).
  • Reduced maximum damage to 40 (was 45).
  • Reduced range at which one head and one body shot is lethal to 30 m (was 35 m).
Gewehr 1-5
  • Reduced maximum damage to 36 (was 40).
  • Reduced range at which one head and one body shot is lethal to 10 m (was 30 m).
These semi-autos had a very high chance to get a kill with only two hits on a wounded target, which
seems unnecessary given their good base TTK. Additionally, the Gewehr 1-5 was extremely strong up
to 30 meters whenever you landed one headshot, so we reduced this range to 10 meters.

  • Increased horizontal recoil to 0.765 (was 0.68) when using the Light Bolt Specialization. With
    the increased rate of fire, the Zk-383 was a bit too accurate compared to the M1928A1
    considering the flexibility from being able to use the bipod.
  • Removed damage reduction during bayonet charge, added a 1.3 sprint speed multiplier. This
    brings the behavior of bayonet charge in line with Battlefield™ 1.
Maps and Modes
  • Frontlines - Fixed an issue where some maps had no constructible Fortifications.
  • Fjell 652 - Fixed an exploit where players could stand on the cliff face when they should have
    been out of the combat area.
  • Fjell 652 - Players can once again build all kinds of Fortifications when playing Frontlines.
  • Devastation - Fixed an issue where players could get stuck or fall through the ground in the
    library area.
  • Devastation - Fixed collision on multiple places to prevent players from using map exploits.
  • Devastation - Fixed an occluder that was sticking out.
  • Devastation - Fixed some collision to stop people from getting stuck.
  • Devastation - Added a ladder Fortification to the library.
  • Devastation - Moved a health station in the library to not clip with another asset.
  • Devastation - Added collision to allow people to easier access the second floor of the library.
  • Fjell 652 - Fixed a rock that was unvaultable near Flag E on Conquest.
  • Aerodrome - On Breakthrough, fixed an issue which resulted in players getting spawned
    outside of the combat area.
  • Panzerstorm - Fixed a floating stationary anti-air gun.
  • Panzerstorm - Improved the transitions between weather states.
  • Panzerstorm - Improved the borders on the deploy screen when playing Conquest to show
    neutral borders more accurately.
  • Panzerstorm - Fixed some floating Fortifications.
  • Panzerstorm - Borders on the deploy screen are now easier to see if the fog weather state is
  • Arras - Spawn Beacons placed by the church tower now properly get destroyed when the
    church tower gets destroyed.
  • Arras - The hedgerow collision has been tweaked to reduce the chance of projectiles
    incorrectly hitting invisible collision.
  • Narvik - Turrets and cannons can now be rebuilt and repaired on this map.
  • Hamada - Players are now able to control the free camera in spectator mode when switching
    between table top to free camera mode.
  • Rotterdam - Fixed an issue with a ladder where players were able to reach an unintended
    area below the water.
  • Rotterdam - Made it easier to climb out of the water near the B flag on Conquest.
  • Rotterdam - Players are no longer able to climb to the rooftop located near point D on
  • Rotterdam - Fixed some issues with the combat area and its collision where previously you
    could drive through backdrop houses with a tank.
  • Rotterdam - Adjusted terrain a tiny bit to prevent players from glitching below it.
  • Rotterdam - Added collision to prevent people from climbing on houses around the D flag.
  • Practice Range - Decreased the explosion size of the skeets as they could block the view of
    the other skeets.
  • Aerodrome - Fixed a spawn point on Frontlines where players could deploy out of bounds in
    a tank when playing as Axis.
  • Aerodrome - Players will no longer jump high into the air when vaulting over bomb cart
    carrier after vaulting over the railing on the balcony just straight above it in the airplane
  • Practice range - Fixed a bug where it was not possible to switch to another weapon after
    using the M30 Drilling.
  • The Last Tiger War Story - Fixed an issue where players could end up in an infinite loading
    screen after the last cinematic in the story had ended.
  • The in-game chat has been disabled during the Final Stand game mode to hinder players
    from exposing the position of players.
  • The Frontlines tutorial video now plays when players go into the Frontlines menu for the first
  • Under advanced search, Frontlines no longer appears as “Frontlines Small” and is once again
    able to find matching servers.
  • Fixed the estimated times duration to be more accurate on the multiplayer mode selection
  • Fixed an issue where the health pouch reminder indicator could be visible while the player
    was in a vehicle.
  • Fixed an issue when users managed to complete two Tides of War nodes within the same
    round which caused the Tides of War widget on the pause menu to not display the next
  • The indicator that shows when a player needs a health pack from a Medic will no longer
    show if the player already is in the process of healing up.
  • The background now properly updates when players go in and out of the “Progression”
    screens as well as the “Armory” screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the UI sounds would not play in the vehicle customization screen.
  • The Social menu now shows if your friends are playing on the Practice Range.
  • When a squad leader with a squad tries to join a full server and ends up in the server queue,
    the squad will now follow the squad leader if they choose to leave the queue and join
    another server.
  • Players will no longer get a Company Coin purchase confirmation screen in the Specialization
    screen for upgrades that they have yet not earned.
  • Fixed an issue in the Armory where some offers that were sets did not appear to be sets.
  • Fixed an issue where the Tides of War widget on the pause menu would not show when
    players transitioned between rounds.
  • The Tides of War in-game progression notifications are now shown more consistently.
  • The total weapons number shown in “Your Company” on the replace weapon button have
    been removed.
  • Fixed a bug where the time spent in vehicles was not tracking properly when spawning into
  • Fixed an issue with the Options screen where the page would auto scroll back to the last
    used option when changing any slider options.
  • Platoon tags now show up in the Profile section.
  • Changing characters will no longer change the equipped cosmetic items but will stay the
    same as the user has selected.
  • Soldiers and vehicles in the frontend should no longer show until all its assets are fully loaded
    in on first boot.
  • Fixed an issue which made it difficult to see some facepaints when applied in the Armory.
  • Added an auto focuser to Spectator Mode’s free cam and player view director modes. This
    can be found under the depth of field settings in the Camera tab. It can be set to either
    “Point” or “Player” mode. In point mode, the focus distance will be automatically adjusted to
    keep the selected point in focus. A point can be selected by clicking anywhere with the
    mouse cursor, or on consoles by aiming the camera and pressing A on the Xbox One or X on
    the PlayStation® 4. In player mode, the focus will be kept on the player who is currently
  • Multiple crash fixes and stability improvements.
PC-Specific Improvements
  • This update includes further optimizations to DXR ray tracing performance and introduces
    NVIDIA DLSS to Battlefield V, which uses deep learning to improve game performance while
    maintaining visual quality.
  • Rotterdam – The deploy screen has been improved when using a widescreen monitor, and
    no longer displays any low-resolution textures or unintended backdrop buildings.
  • Spectator mode – added key bindings for increasing and decreasing field of view in free cam
    and player view director modes. Defaults are PAGE UP and PAGE DOWN.
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2019-03-05 WoW Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes – Update #4

Beitrag von Fussballgott » 31.03.2019, 10:38

Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 2: Lightning Strikes – Update #4

This is a smaller quality-of-life update, as we wanted to quickly address some issues that we’re
hearing about from our community. With that, we’ve resolved the flickering issue on squad
deployment, made improvements to shotguns, fixed the end of round Company Coin counter, and
also made some stability improvements.
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2019-03-21 ToW Chapter 3: Trial by Fire Update #1

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Battlefield V Tides of War Chapter 3: Trial by Fire Update #1

Dieses Update fügt Feuersturm hinzu – Battle Royale, neu interpretiert für Battlefield™*. In diesem intensiven Modus musst du kämpfen, plündern und überleben, während sich ein tödlicher Feuerring schließt. Du kannst Feuersturm ab dem 25. März spielen. Weitere Informationen findest du auf der Feuersturm-Seite.

In diesem Update lag unser Fokus außerdem auf der Verbesserung der Luftkämpfe in Battlefield V. Wir möchten die Kämpfe am Himmel noch aufregender machen und erhöhen die Anforderungen für Piloten, die sich weiterentwickeln möchten. Außerdem haben wir das Fahrzeug- und Waffenerlebnis optimiert.

[hide=Full Changelog]Vehicles
With the series returning to World War 2 for Battlefield V, the prospect of recreating the iconic
dogfights of that theater was an exciting prospect.
During development of Battlefield V, we had a vision for flying that would be easy to pick up, but
provide enough of a skill ceiling for those really skilled to push the boundaries of what was possible
in Battlefield.
We set out to accomplish this by reducing the amount of secondary forces being applied to our
planes while maneuvering. We limited the effects of stalling and losing lift by accident and generally
weighed the flight model more towards engine power and drag, rather than gravity.
The outcome was a flight model that made planes simpler to fly and we were finding more and more
players were able to achieve success from within the cockpit. However, we were seeing some
We’re finding that dogfights between two equally skilled pilots have become fairly undynamic and to
combat this, we’ve got some changes on the way to our flight model that should allow veteran pilots
to push the envelope of flying within Battlefield V even further.
We will be increasing the parameters you will need to consider before and during a dogfight,
allowing for a wider range of maneuvers so that pilots can use their skills to outsmart their
opponents and come out on top.

Here’s a quick breakdown of some of the changes we’ll be including in the next update.

Wings and Ailerons
  • Flap Scaling has been tweaked to give less maneuverability at speeds under 200 kmh.
  • Drag Coefficient is now less extreme at 90-degree angles to remove “floatiness” at low
  • Going slow will now more heavily impact your ability to maneuver your plane.
Elevator and Rudder
  • Drag Coefficients for elevators and rudders have been separated out and tweaked to get
    a more physical stalling behavior as in nose down faster when stalling.
  • Elevator lift curves are tweaked for giving optimal turns above 180 kmh. This gives you a
    more realistic stalling behavior and allow good pilots to use this behavior in making more
    advanced maneuvers.
Airplane Body and Gravity
  • Drag over velocity tweaked per plane to max out at cruising speeds. This means that
    planes will retain energy for longer and not slow down as fast.
  • Gravity will affect planes more when climbing. Combined with drag changes, this makes
    it more viable to trade altitude for speed.
  • You will find that decreasing only throttle will no longer affect your speed as quickly. If
    you really want to slow down, make sure to use gravity to your advantage. With reduced
    drag in general, you will also find that diving allows you to gain speed faster than before.
Combined, these changes should increase the number of factors you should consider as a pilot. Not
only second-to-second, but also longer term. Are you going fast or slow? What speed is your
opponent going? What is your relative height to the enemy? Can you outclimb that Mosquito on
your tail?
We hope that these updates will make it more fun for you to fly planes in Battlefield V, and we are
looking forward to hearing your feedback!
Jim Fagerlund and Jesper Hylling, on behalf of the Vehicle Team.

Vehicle Fixes
  • The player is no longer clipping with the machine gun on the M3 halftrack when viewed
    from a third person perspective.
  • The throwing grenade animation will now properly play when throwing grenades while in
    the passenger seat of vehicles that support it.
  • Players can now fire the rocket launchers while in the passenger seat of a vehicle that
    supports it.
  • Players should no longer get crushed when exiting the Universal Carrier at steep angles
    on hills / uneven terrain.
  • Fixed some visual issues that would occur when using the Field Drab paint job for the
    Valentine Archer tank.
  • The Valentine Archer tank now prope
    purposes it's important it reliably damages a large number of targets over a large area
    without outright killing all of the targets.
  • The 250 lb. bombs dropped by the Spitfire VA can now also be dropped together for a
    similarly greater effect on target. These bombs have also received a slight boost to their
    blast damage against infantry, as previously, a single bomb was unable to kill a full health
    soldier in a reliable manner. This is a change for consistency, and should not greatly
    increase the potency of the weapons.
  • Reduced the splash damage of the Bordkannone 37.
  • Fixed vehicles so that they take the correct consistent damage to the top and bottom of
    the tank.
  • Reduced the damage of the Valentine AA's Canister shot so it takes a few shots to kill.
    With 40 rounds and a good rate of fire it should not reliably one-hit kill infantry at midrange.
  • Increased the armor of turrets on medium and heavy tanks. These are now harder to
  • Adjusted the STUG and Panzer default HE shell trajectory to be slower initially but retain
    speed over distance better. This returns the howitzer feeling of this shell without making
    ranged hits significantly more difficult than other tanks.
Weapons, Gadgets, and Specializations
  • Adjusted the PIAT for the new tank values. It now has the proper blast damage for
    infantry kills, but has over all a slightly reduced damage.
  • The AP Mine's blast damage has been reduced below a one-hit kill again, with a new
    damage curve model giving a reliable flat damage amount out to the edge of the blast's
    effective range.
  • Adjusted the damage done to parts by explosives like mines and dynamite so they do not
    instantly destroy parts upgraded via the spec tree.
  • Added a new AT Mine and dynamite damage curve. Mines and dynamite do very good
    damage if stuck to or triggered by a vehicle, but rapidly drop off if detonated only near
    the vehicle. This also makes the lethality against infantry good only at very close ranges
    and then reduces to a large wounding radius.
  • Fixed an issue where weapons would not gain full accuracy quickly enough when
    zooming in and not using iron sights.
  • FG42: Reduced base horizontal recoil to 0.5 (was previously 0.525). The FG42 was a bit
    too uncontrollable for its small magazine.
  • Sturmgewehr 1-5: Reduced reload threshold to 0.78 (was previously 0.82) to better
    match the reload animation. This means you can switch to a different weapon a bit
    earlier without aborting the reload.
  • Semi-automatic rifles: Tweaked recoil decrease and recoil per shot. The weapon type
    now has more and longer felt recoil. Numbers are not directly comparable to older
    versions of the game.
  • Polished Action: This Specialization now provides a stronger effect on the first shots to
    make it a better choice.
  • Fixed a bug which would cause Sticky Grenades to self replenish sometime after using an
    ammo crate.
  • Fixed a visual bug that would appear when picking up the Bren gun with an allied Medic
    that has The Phantom equipped on their torso slot.
  • Throwing ammo and health pouches have been improved in those cases where they
    would sometimes be standing close to other objects.
  • Melee attacks now properly does damage when both players are in deep water.
  • Improved the V-1 Rocket explosion when directly hitting water and when hitting really
    close to players.
  • Fixed a bug where players sometimes would still see a certain gadget in their hand, while
    the functionality was for another gadget.
  • Fixed a visual issue with the ZK-383 where a bullet was visible through the body of the
    weapon when using ADS with the iron sights.
  • Made additional minor improvements to bipod placement on certain objects.
  • Fixed a bug which caused weapons to not reload properly, after players had climbed on
    top of a vehicle while reloading.
  • The Reinforcement binoculars will no longer float if the player has them equipped and
    does a slide.
  • The Kar98k will no longer show the wrong number of bullets inserted during a reload
    animation after the player has placed the spawn beacon and the last bullet has been
  • Fixed a bug where the walking animations would stop updating if players walked over
    certain obstacles while crouch-walking.
  • Improved ground detection to prevent transitioning to falling state when crawling under
    a low object.
  • Fixed a bug where a movement animation would be played when standing still.
Maps and Modes
  • Improved vaulting through certain windows on Narvik.
  • In Combined Arms, the end-of-mission slow motion effect will now only trigger during
    the last three seconds of the mission timer.
  • The Combined Arms mission details screen will now properly show which map it takes
    place on.
  • The Tides of War screen on the end-of-round screen will now always show the
    descriptions for each node.
  • The player can now choose whether to hold or press button for request/skip revive when
    down via a new control option.
  • Screenshot resolution is now affected by the resolution scale setting. For example, if you
    take a screenshot at 1920x1080 with resolution scale set to 200%, the resolution of the
    screenshot will be 3840x2160.
  • Multiple crash fixes and stability improvements.
PC-Specific Improvements
  • Made performance improvements in Combined Arms.
  • Improved NVIDIA DLSS image clarity at 4K and 1440p.
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Battlefield V - Update 4.2

Beitrag von Fussballgott » 25.07.2019, 08:42

PartWelsh hat geschrieben:Hi folks,

This update targets fixes for errant issues identified after the release of Junes mid-month update. This follows the release of a sequence of Hotfixes designed to address stability and performance issues, which continue to be a priority for the team for future updates.

In this update we’ve taken positive steps towards removing instances of the ‘Invisible Soldier’. We believe that the extreme instances of this issue have been stamped out, though we’ll be monitoring for any lingering issues. Further improvements have also been mode to performance, specifically when tanks are firing at infantry which would previously result in performance spikes.

Alongside that, we’ve also reviewed the performance of the P08 Carbine, and made some changes that should improve the effectiveness of the weapon, coupled with a fix that now allows for Specializations to be reset once players have obtained Weapon Rank 4. Additional fixes have been detailed below in full.

Our next major update (4.4) is currently scheduled to release at the end of August, and a first look at some of the new content and fixes for on going issues are also listed below. We’ll otherwise have a small update out early next week to enable Marita.

Adam Freeman
Battlefield Community Manager
Twitter: @PartWelsh
https://old.reddit.com/r/BattlefieldV/c ... update_42/

What’s New?
  • We have reduced the recoil, and increased the muzzle velocity for the P08 Carbine in a bid to improve its effectiveness
  • Kills in Firestorm are now awarded if the enemy player disconnects during the downed state
What’s Changed?
  • Fixes targeted at removing extreme instances of Invisible Soldiers
  • Specializations are now able to be reset on the P08 Carbine
  • The game will no longer stutter when killing enemies with tanks
  • Removed an unintended suppression effect that was applying to infantry soldiers when a tank fires it’s main cannon
  • The screen will no longer turn black when firing stationary cannons
  • The Arras sights on the Lewis gun now displays correctly when using extended mags
  • Rate Of Fire for the MKVI Revolver has also been reduced to 180RPM, from 200RPM
  • The correct crosshair now shows for the Mosquito FB MKVI on all load-outs
  • The Company will now display the correct amount of bombs for the JU-88
  • Players trying to spawn into airplanes should no longer get stuck on the deploy screen
What’s being worked on for Update 4.4?
  • Additional fixes are also targeted to improve performance and stability across all platforms
  • New Maps: Lofoten Islands and Provence
  • Increase in Max Rank to 500
  • Updates to Fortress Mode
  • New Weapons - In preparation for subsequent Tides of War Rewards (Panzerbüchse 39, Breda M1935, C96 Pistol Carbine)
  • Fixes for desynced top-gunner hitbox on certain Vehicles
  • Fixes for desynced soldier hitbox known to occur when reviving or vaulting
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